10 Facts about Rams

Post On: November 16, 2016

Facts about Rams remind the people with the species of sheep originated from North America. It has the biological name Ovis Canadensis. The common name is bighorn sheep taken from the large horns that it has. The weight of the sheep is 140 kilogram or 300 lb. The weight of the horns reaches 14 kilogram or 30 lb. Get other interesting facts about rams below:

Facts about Rams 1: the population of bighorn sheep

There are millions of bighorn sheep, which live in North America. There are three subspecies. Bighorn sheep plays an important role in the Native American mythologies.

ram pic

ram pic

Facts about Rams 2: the population in 1900s

The population of rams was decreased into thousands by 1900. The primary reasons were overhunting and introduction of diseases from the European livestock.

Facts about Rams 3: the term of rams

Let us talk about the term of rams. The rams are used to call the male curved bighorn sheep. The female ones are called the ewes. They have the shorter horns.

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Facts about Rams 4: the colors of rams

The body of rams is ranging from chocolate brown and grayish color. The back of all four legs features the white lining and rump.

Facts about Rams 5: the weight of rams

The weight of rams reaches 58 to 143 kilogram or 127 to 316 lb. The height at the shoulder reaches 91 to 104 cm or 36 to 41 inches. The length from the nose to the tail reaches 180 to 200 cm or 69 to 79 inches.

Facts about Rams 6:  the characteristics

The rams are characterized by the presence of the large frontal sinuses, internal bony septa, cornual, and horn cores.

Facts about Rams 7: the impact of clashes

The impact of clashes will be reduced for the rams have unique body adaptation.



Facts about Rams 8: the glands

Rams have several glands located at different parts of the body. Each foot features the pedal gland, while the groin has the inguinal glands. Each eye has the preorbital gland.

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Facts about Rams 9: the importance of glands

The glands are important for rams for they can display the dominance.

facts about rams

facts about rams

Facts about Rams 10: the bighorns in Rocky Mountains

The weight of bighorns, which live at Rocky Mountains, reaches 230 kilogram or 500 lb. The female is around 90 kilogram or 200 lb.

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