10 Facts about Ramses II

Post On: November 15, 2016

Facts about Ramses II will tell the readers about Ramses the Great. In the 19th Dynasty of Egypt, Ramses II was the third pharaoh. He ruled Egypt in 1279 until 1213 BC. He was born circa 1303 BC and died on July or August 1213 BC. In the history of the Egyptian Empire, Ramses II earned a special status as the most powerful and celebrated pharaoh. He was entitled as the Great Ancestor by the successors. Here are other interesting facts about Ramses II below:

Facts about Ramses II 1: the military expeditions

During his reign, Ramses II was capable for repossessing the control of Egypt on the Canaan for he became the leader of some military expeditions to the Levant and Nubia.

ramesses ii image

ramesses ii image

Facts about Ramses II 2: Prince Regent

Seti who was the father of Ramses II appointed him as Prince Regent. At that time, Ramses II was only 14 years old. He reigned Egypt in 1279 until 1213 BC. He got the throne when he was in the late teens.

Facts about Ramses II 3: the reign of Ramses II

It was believed that Ramses II took the throne of Egypt on 31st May 1279 BC by most of Egyptologists. He could be on the reign for 66 years and 2 month based on Manetho.

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ramesses ii as child

ramesses ii as child

Facts about Ramses II 4: the death

It is mostly believed that Ramses II died at the age of 90 or 91. His tomb was located in the Valley of the Kings. In 1881, the body of Ramses II was discovered in the royal cache. Now you can go to Cairo Museum to view his body.

Facts about Ramses II 5: the early years of his reign

He built monuments, temples and cities during the early years of his reign as a pharaoh. He had a new capital by building the city of Pi-Ramses in the Nile Delta. When he had campaigns in Syria, he selected it as his primary base.

Facts about Ramses II 6: another campaign

Ramses II also had another campaign. It was conducted in Libya. When there were revolts in Nubia, he was capable to suppress them.

Facts about Ramses II 7: the total army

The total soldiers of Ramses II in his reign were around 100,000 men. They were enough to secure his position in Egypt.

ramesses ii relief

ramesses ii relief

Facts about Ramses II 8: the Sherden sea pirates

One of his victories was when the Sherden sea pirates were defeated by the Ramses II during his second year as a ruler.

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Facts about Ramses II 9: First Syrian campaign

It is estimated that the first Syrian campaign was conducted during his fourth year as a ruler.

facts about ramesses ii

facts about ramesses ii

Facts about Ramses II 10: Second Syrian campaign

The Hittite forces of Muwatallis were the main opponents of Ramses II during his second campaign in Syria.

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