10 Facts about Ramses III

Post On: November 15, 2016

Facts about Ramses III will talk about the second pharaoh of the 20th dynasty. He was known as Usimare Ramesses III. During his long reign, the economic and political power of Egypt declined. Egypt then was filled with internal economic problem and invasions. Queen Tiy-Merenese was his mother. His father was Setnakhte. Let us check other interesting facts about Ramses III below:

Facts about Ramses III 1: the reign of Ramses III

Most estimate that Ramses III reigned Egypt in March 1186 to April 1155 BC. Some believe that Ramses III took the throne in 1187 until 1156.

facts about ramesses iii

facts about ramesses iii

Facts about Ramses III 2: the death

Talking about his death, there is a belief that one of his secondary wives, Tiye and Pentaweret, her son created a conspiracy to kill him.

Facts about Ramses III 3: the collapse of the Twentieth Dynasty

The collapse of the Twentieth Dynasty was marked by the economic and political chaos in Egypt. It was invaded by the foreigners like Libyans and Sea Peoples.

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ramesses iii statues

ramesses iii statues

Facts about Ramses III 4: who were the Sea Peoples?

The Sea Peoples included the Tjekker, Meshwesh of the sea, Shardana, Denyen and Peleset. They invaded Egypt during the Year 8 of Ramses III’s reign. In the two great land and sea battles, the Sea Peoples were defeated.

Facts about Ramses III 5: the reputation

The Egyptians were capable for fighting the Sea Peoples tenaciously even though they were the poor seamen.

Facts about Ramses III 6: the settlement of Sea Peoples

Ramses III made a claim that the Sea Peoples were settled in Southern Canaan as subject peoples.

Facts about Ramses III 7: the major campaigns of Ramses III

There were two major campaigns of Ramses III to invade Libya. Both were in Year 5 and Year 11 of his reign where he had invaded the Western Delta of Egypt.

ramesses iii relief

ramesses iii relief

Facts about Ramses III 8: the economy

The internal problem in Egypt is also caused by the economic turmoil. The treasury of Egypt was exhausted with the expense of the battles.

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Facts about Ramses III 9: the labor strike

During Year 29 of his reign, the first labor strike occurred due to the severe economical condition in Egypt.

ramesses iii pic

ramesses iii pic

Facts about Ramses III 10: the food

Egypt was running out of food when the artisans, elite royal tomb builders and the wealthy people who lived at Set Maat her imenty Waset were not fulfilled.

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