10 Facts about Ranulph Fiennes

Post On: November 17, 2016

Get the information about a prominent English explorer on Facts about Ranulph Fiennes. He was also an avid writer. He was known more as Fiennes even though his full name was Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes. He was the third Baronet. Fiennes held some endurance records. He was born on 7th March 1944. Check other interesting facts about Fiennes in the below post:

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 1: military service

Fiennes spent eight years in the British Army. Therefore, he participated in the counter insurgency service.

ranulph fiennes

ranulph fiennes

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 2: the expeditions

Fiennes had various expeditions during his life. He took the record as the first person to cross Antarctica on foot. Another record was related to his expedition to the North and South Pole. He was the first person who came to the areas by surface means.

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 3: expedition to Mount Everest

Fiennes was capable to reach the peak of Mount Everest in May 2009. He was 65 years old at that time.

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facts about ranulph fiennes

facts about ranulph fiennes

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 4: the greatest living explorer

Fiennes received the status as the greatest living explorer in the world based on the Guinness Book of World Records in 1984.

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 5: a prolific writer

Fiennes was a prolific writer. He created many books, which talked about his expedition and military service. There was also a book written by Fiennes to define Robert Falcon Scott.

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 6: the birthplace of Fiennes

The birthplace of Fiennes was located in Windsor, Berkshire. On 24th November 1943, his father died because of the wounds that he had during his service as commander of Royal Scots Greys in Italy. His father received the Distinguished Service Order posthumously.

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 7: baronetcy

When Fiennes was born, he received the baronetcy of his father. Therefore, he became the third Baronet of Banbury. His father was Audrey Joan. She passed away in 2004.

ranulph fiennes facts

ranulph fiennes facts

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 8: living in South Africa

Fiennes lived in South Africa with his mother where he studied in Cape Town at Western Province Preparatory School.

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Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 9: British Army

Fiennes was interested to join the reign of his father, The Royal Scots Greys after he left Mons Officer Cadet School. His specialty was in demolition for the Special Air Service.

Facts about Ranulph Fiennes 10: an adventurer

Fiennes was an adventurer since 1960s. In 1969, he became the leader of the expedition to reach the White Nile on a hovercraft.

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