10 Facts about Raoul Wallenberg

Post On: November 17, 2016

The following Facts about Raoul Wallenberg will inform us about the Swedish architect. He was born on 4th August 1912 and died on 31st July 1952. His full name is Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg. He was also known as a humanitarian and diplomat. He took the credit for saving 10,000 Jews during the Second World War in Nazi occupied Hungary.  In July until December 1944, Wallenberg was placed in Budapest as a special envoy for Sweden.

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 1: saving the Jews

Wallenberg tried to save the Jews by having a building used for sheltering the Jews.  They were given protective passports issued by Wallenberg.

facts about raoul wallenberg

facts about raoul wallenberg

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 2:  the disappearance

Wallenberg disappeared after SMERSH detained him due to the espionage suspicion on 17 January 1945.

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 3: the death of Wallenberg

On 17 July 1947, it was assumed that Wallenberg died when he was imprisoned by the KGB secret police.

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raoul wallenbergs summer villa

raoul wallenbergs summer villa

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 4: the imprisonment and arrest of Wallenberg

The Soviet government arrested and imprisoned Wallenberg. The motives were still subject to speculation and debate.

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 5: the mystery

The speculation related to Wallenberg is not only centered on his imprisonment and arrest, but also on his possible ties with United States and his death.

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 6: the humanitarian honors

Wallenberg earns various humanitarian honors due to brave action to save the Hungarian Jews during the holocaust of NAZI.

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 7: an Honorary Citizen in US

The plan to make Wallenberg as the Honorary Citizen of United States was sponsored by U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in 1981. Lantos was one of the Jews saved by Wallenberg.

the raoul wallenberg memorial tree

the raoul wallenberg memorial tree

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 8: an Honorary Citizen in other countries

Wallenberg is also called as one of the Righteous among the Nations in Israel. He is made as the honorary citizen in Israel, Hungary, Canada and Australia.

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Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 9: the streets and monuments

Various streets are named to honor Wallenberg. The monuments are built to honor his bravery.

wallenberg monument

wallenberg monument

Facts about Raoul Wallenberg 10: postage stamps

Some countries in the world like United States, Sweden, Dominica, Canada, Argentina, Kazakhstan and Australia have issued the postage stamps, which bear the image of Wallenberg.

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