10 Facts about Rap Music

Post On: November 17, 2016
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One of the most popular music genres in the world is explained on Facts about Rap Music. When people rap, they will produce the chanted or spoken rhyming lyrics. There are three primary components of rap music. They include the content, flow and delivery. The rhythm and rhyme are included in the flow. The below post will give you detail information about rap music.

Facts about Rap Music 1: the hip-hop music

When we talk about rap, the hip-hop music is always in. Some people believe that the main content of hip-hop music is rapping.

rapper busta rhymes

rapper busta rhymes

Facts about Rap Music 2: rapping in various musical genres

Rapping is not only found in hip-hop but also in other kinds of musical genres. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz and Cake have the alternative rock style, which contains rapping.

Facts about Rap Music 3: Kwaito music

Have you ever heard about Kwaito music?   This musical genre also employs rapping. The music is native to Johannesburg, South Africa.

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breaking dance

breaking dance

Facts about Rap Music 4: Muhammad Ali’s rhythmic poetry

Muhammad Ali’s rhythmic poetry is the living proof that rapping predates the hip-hop music. In 1960s and 1970s, Ali had it to taunt his challenger.

Facts about Rap Music 5: how to do rapping

Can you tell me how to do rapping? You can deliver it with accompaniment or with beat. Many people agree that rapping involves with singing, poetry, prose and speech.

Facts about Rap Music 6: the relation with hip-hop music

Rap music has a very strong connection with hip-hop music. That is why some people use the term hip-hop music and rap music interchangeably.

Facts about Rap Music 7: the root of rapping

Rapping was rooted from the African culture. It grew from the griots of West Africans when they shared stories using drums and rhythm.

facts about rap music

facts about rap music

Facts about Rap Music 8: the first rappers

The first rappers were highly influenced by the comedy records and spoken word jazz poetry.

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Facts about Rap Music 9: Coke La Rock

The first MC of hip-hop was Coke La Rock who stated that The Wild Man Steve, Richard Pryor and the Last Poets influenced his musical style.

Facts about Rap Music 10: the development of early rapping

The development of the early rapping was at first announced via the microphone. Then it was developed into the complicated rapping.

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