10 Facts about Raphael

Post On: November 17, 2016

Find out the interesting information about an Italian painter from the High Renaissance on Facts about Raphael. The exact birth date of Raphael is not known. However, the people speculate that he was born probably on 28 March or 6 April 1438.  The people are impressed with the works of art of Raphael due to the grandeur look, easy composition and clear form. Here are other interesting facts about Raphael to notice:

Facts about Raphael 1: the great masters

During the High Renaissance, Raphael was considered as a one of the three great masters along with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

sistine madonna

sistine madonna

Facts about Raphael 2: the productive and creative Raphael

Raphael was considered as a creative and productive artist. He left a lot of artworks even though he died at the young of 37. He had a very large workshop.

Facts about Raphael 3: where to find the works of Raphael

The works of Raphael are mostly discovered at the Vatican Palace. The main important work of Raphael was located at the frescoed Raphael Rooms.

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Facts about Raphael 4: the notable work of Raphael

The School of Athens is considered as the most notable work of Raphael. It is housed at the Vatican Stanza della Segnatura.

Facts about Raphael 5: the loss of quality

The loss of quality was spotted on his work for it was executed from his drawings in his workshop. It took place during his early period in Rome.

Facts about Raphael 6: the popularity outside Rome

Raphael was more popular in Rome than outside people. People only heard his name when he had collaborative printmaking.

Facts about Raphael 7: Michelangelo

Michelangelo was one of the greatest rivals of Raphael. In 18th until 19th century, he was more popular after the death of Raphael. The works of Raphael were considered as the highest models due the more harmonious and serene characteristics.

raphael and maria bibbienas tomb

raphael and maria bibbienas tomb

Facts about Raphael 8: the phases of his career

Raphael had three phases of career. The first one was characterized by his period in Umbria. The second was when he applied the art style of Florence for about 4 years. The last one was when he worked for two Popes in Rome for 12 years.

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Facts about Raphael 9: a nomadic life

Raphael had to perform a nomadic life in Northern Italy. In 1504, he decided to settle in Florence.

raphael's father

raphael’s father

Facts about Raphael 10: the portraits

Raphael created various portraits for notable people. They included the portraits of Baldassare Castiglione, Bindo Altoviti, Elisabetta Gonzaga and Pope Julius II.

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