10 Facts about Raspberries

Post On: November 18, 2016
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Facts about Raspberries will tell us about the favorite edible fruit in the world. It is included in the rose family and genus rubus.  This perennial has the woody stems included in the subgenus Idaeobatus. The word raspberry is taken from the mid-15th century word of raspise. The meaning of the word is a sweet rose-colored wine.

Facts about Raspberries 1: the cultivated raspberrie

R. strigosus and R. idaeus are considered as the two most common raspberries cultivated in the world.



Facts about Raspberries 2: Rubus subgenus Idaeobatus

Let me show you some examples of raspberry included in the Asian raspberry, Yellow Himalayan Raspberry, Wine raspberry or Wineberry and European red raspberry.

Facts about Raspberries 3: other species of raspberry

There are other types of raspberry. They include Boulder raspberry, Arctic raspberry, Molucca raspberry, flowering raspberry and Snow raspberry.

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raspberry flowers

raspberry flowers

Facts about Raspberries 4: the hardiness zone

The raspberry will grow well if you live in the areas with the hardiness zone of 3 till 9.

Facts about Raspberries 5: the winter season

People enjoy having raspberry as their dormant canes. Therefore, they like to plant it during the winter season. It is prevalent for the people to plant raspberry for plug plant. The long cane production by using raspberry is spotted in Washington, Oregon and Scotland for they have northern climate.

Facts about Raspberries 6: the soil type for planting raspberry

The soil type for growing raspberry should be well drained and fertile. You can put the raspberry in 2 until 6 meter of land area. If the people experience the root rot problems, they should have the raspberry plants at the raised ridges or beds.

Facts about Raspberries 7: the flowers

The honeybees and other pollinators like to consume the nectar taken from the raspberries’ flowers.

facts about raspberry

facts about raspberry

Facts about Raspberries 8: the invasive

Raspberry plants are invasive. There is no need to wonder that you can find this plant spreading the entire garden. They definitely spread well on the fertile soil.

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Facts about Raspberries 9:  the harvested fruit

The harvested fruit of raspberry will always turn into deeper colors. It can be in golden yellow, purple, black or even red color.

facts about raspberries

facts about raspberries

Facts about Raspberries 10: the usage of raspberry fruit

People love the raspberry fruits. They will be made into raspberry jam. When the raspberry turns into darker tone, they will have the sweet taste.

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