10 Facts about Rasputin

Post On: November 18, 2016

If you want to know the Russian peasant who also served as the mystical faith healer, check Facts about Rasputin. He was born on 21st January 1869 and died on 30th December 1916. He took the role as the easy scapegoat for the liberals, nationalist and aristocrats. During the First World War, Nicholas II was in command for the Russian army where Rasputin had an influential role after August 1915 at Saint Petersburg. He had a close relationship with Nicholas II’s family. Let us check other interesting facts about Rasputin below:

Facts about Rasputin 1: the influence over the family of Nicholas II

There was no exact report related to the degree of influence of Rasputin to the family of Nicholas II. As we know that Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II has stronger will than her husband.

rasputin and family

rasputin and family

Facts about Rasputin 2: the life of Rasputin

It is not easy to find out the life of Rasputin due to the lack of sources. People can only infer his life from the legend, memories and hearsay.

Facts about Rasputin 3: the role of Rasputin

The role of Rasputin was always associated with lust, debauchery and power. The imperial couple lost their popularity among the people partly due to Rasputin.

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rasputin pic

rasputin pic

Facts about Rasputin 4: the death of Rasputin

Rasputin died because the monarchists killed him. They wanted to end the influence of Rasputin over the Tsarism.

Facts about Rasputin 5: the birthplace of Rasputin

The birthplace of Rasputin was located in Pokrovskoe, Tobolsk Governorate, and West Siberian Plain.

Facts about Rasputin 6:  the early life of Rasputin

Rasputin never went to school for his small village did not have school. The the illiterate people who lived in the Siberia was 87.5 percent based on the census conducted in 1897.

Facts about Rasputin 7: marriage

Rasputin and Praskovia Fyodorovna Dubrovina married on February 2nd, 1887. Dmitri, Matryona and Varvara were the kids of the couple.

rasputin and daughter

rasputin and daughter

Facts about Rasputin 8: the vision of Our Lady of Kazan

Rasputin changed his religious belief after he had a vision about Our Lady of Kazan.

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Facts about Rasputin 9: the religious wanderer

Rasputin was known as a religious wandered or strannik where he earned hospitality by teaching. He would go on foot for visiting the holy places.

facts about rasputin

facts about rasputin

Facts about Rasputin 10:  the first meet with Nicholas II

Rasputin met Tsar Nicholas and his wife Alexandra for the first time on November 1st, 1905.

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