10 Facts about Ratan Tata

Post On: November 19, 2016

If you want to know the famous Indian businessman, check Facts about Ratan Tata. He was born on 28th December 1937 as Ratan Naval Tata. He has the position as the interim chairman of Tata Sons. He is also known as an Indian philanthropist and investor. In 1991 until 2012, he was the chairman of Tata Group.  He serves for the interim term since October 24th, 2016. Tata Group is a global business conglomerate based in Mumbai. Get other interesting facts about Tata below:

Facts about Ratan Tata 1: the charitable trusts

As I have stated before, Tata is philanthropist. He still serves as the head of his charitable trusts.

facts about ratan tata

facts about ratan tata

Facts about Ratan Tata 2: the awards

In 2000, Tata received the Padma Bhushan. In 2008, he was awarded with India–Padma Vibhushan. Both are the highest civilian awards.

Facts about Ratan Tata 3: education

Tata was educated at Cornell University & Harvard Business School, Bishop Cotton School and Cathedral and John Connon School.

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Facts about Ratan Tata 4: the father of Ratan Tata

The father of Ratan Tata is Naval Tata. Navajbai Tata adopted Naval Tata from J. N. Petit Parsi Orphanage.

Facts about Ratan Tata 5: the parents of Ratan Tata

In the mid-1940s, Naval and Sonoo, his parents separated. At that time, Ratan Tata was only seven years. The age of his brother, Jimmy was only 7. Navajbai Tata, the grandmother raised him and his brother.

Facts about Ratan Tata 6: Noel Tata

Naval Tata then married Simone Tata. Therefore, Ratan Tata has a half brother named Noel Tata.

Facts about Ratan Tata 7: Cornell University

In 1962, Ratan graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. degree in architecture with structural engineering.

Facts about Ratan Tata 8: the career of Tata

In 1961, Ratan worked for Tata Group. His job was to handle the blast furnace and shoveled limestone from the shop floor of Tata Steel.

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Facts about Ratan Tata 9: the leadership of Tata Group

During his leadership, Ratan was capable for increasing the revenue for more than 40 times.

Facts about Ratan Tata 10: a global business

He turned Tata Group into a global business when its sales are seen in more than 100 countries in the world. His companies also make some acquisitions. Corus was acquired by Tata Steel. Jaguar Land Rover was acquired by Tata Motors. Tetley was acquired by Tata Tea.

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