10 Facts about Rational Numbers

Post On: November 20, 2016

If you love studying mathematics, check Facts about Rational Numbers. Have you learned about rational number before? It is always defined as any number, which can be written with a fraction of quotient p/q. The q refers to the non-zero denominator, while the p refers to the numerator. We can say that the rational number serves for any integer because q probably is equal to 1. Let us check other interesting facts about rational numbers below:

Facts about Rational Numbers 1: the rationals

The term the rationals is used to call a set of all rational numbers. The boldface Q is used to denote the rationals.

rational number

rational number

Facts about Rational Numbers 2: who denoted the rationals?

Giuseppe Peano denoted the rationals into Q in 1895. It was taken from the Italian word of quoziente referring to quotient.

Facts about Rational Numbers 3: the non rational numbers

The irrational number is a term used to call a real number, which is not rational.

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rational number diagram

rational number diagram

Facts about Rational Numbers 4: the examples of irrational numbers

The f, e, p and v2 are some examples of the irrational numbers in mathematics.

Facts about Rational Numbers 5: the irrational number in decimals

When an irrational number appears in a decimal expansion, it will come up without repetition.

Facts about Rational Numbers 6: the countable and uncountable numbers

The countable numbers are spotted on a set of rational numbers. On the other hand, the uncountable ones are spotted on a set of real numbers.

Facts about Rational Numbers 7: the real numbers

Do you know that most of all real numbers are included as the irrational numbers?


Facts about Rational Numbers 8: the construction of real number

The rational number can be used to construct the real numbers by using infinite decimals, Dedekind cuts, and Cauchy sequences.

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Facts about Rational Numbers 9: zero

If you think that zero is an irrational number, you are wrong. Actually, it is a rational number. If zero is divided by integer, it will always equal zero. The undefined result is seen if zero is divided by zero.

Facts about Rational Numbers 10: the rational number in abstract algebra

The characteristic zero is represented by the rational numbers in abstract algebra along with other operations like multiplication and addition.


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