10 Facts about Ratios

Post On: November 20, 2016

If you are always in love with mathematics, it will be great to read Facts about Ratios. When talking about ratio, it involves the relationship of two numbers. You will know how many times the second number is found in the first number. If you want examples and more explanations about ratios, check the following post below:

Facts about Ratios 1: the examples of ratios in daily life

If you have a plate, which contains nine cookies and seven biscuits, the nine to seven is considered as the ratio of cookies to biscuits.

Facts about Ratios 2: the numbers in ratios

The spoonfuls, lengths, persons and objects are some comparable kinds of quantities in the ratios.

example of ratio

example of ratio

Facts about Ratios 3: the written expression of ratio

The a to b is considered as the common written expression of ratio. Alternatively, you can write it in a: b.

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Facts about Ratios 4: the dimensionless number

The dimensionless number existed on the ratio if the similar units are found on the two quantities.

Facts about Ratios 5: the origin of ratio concept

You are wrong if you think that tracing the original concept of ratio is easy. The development of ratio concept is found in various cultures in the world even though they are preliterate.

Facts about Ratios 6: the basic idea

Ratio is considered as a basic concept. The people who lived in the prehistoric era had realized its notion. For example, people had recognized the idea of one village was three times larger than another one.

Facts about Ratios 7: the word ratio

It is believed that the word ratio is taken from the ancient Greek word logos. However, some scholars believed that it was derived from the Latin word of ratio. The meaning is reason.

ratio line

ratio line

Facts about Ratios 8: the medieval writers

Ratio and proportionality were indicated by using the word proportion during the medieval ages. Ratio was associated with reckoning or computation based on the modern interpretation. The development of ratio and proportion theory was conducted by the Pythagoreans.

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Facts about Ratios 9: theory of ratios of commensurables

The theory of ratios of commensurable was reflected by the theory of proportion found in the Book VII of The Elements.

Facts about Ratios 10: Euclid

Euclid was a scholar who provided 18 definitions related to ratios in his Book V of Elements.

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