10 Facts about Rattlesnakes

Post On: November 20, 2016

Let us check Facts about Rattlesnakes if you want to be informed with a group of venomous snakes. The number of subspecies of rattlesnakes is around 65 to 70. It has 36 known species. All rattlesnakes are originated from Americas. They can be found in southern British Columbia, central Argentine, Canada, and southern Alberta. Here are the other interesting facts about rattlesnakes below:

Facts about Rattlesnakes 1: the predators

The rattlesnakes will like to predate rodents and birds. They can be found in different kinds of habitats.

facts about rattlesnake

facts about rattlesnake

Facts about Rattlesnakes 2: the rattle noise

The snakes are called as rattlesnakes due to the rattle noise. The loud shaking is produced by the snakes.

Facts about Rattlesnakes 3: human and rattlesnakes

Today, the population of rattlesnakes is decreased because they are killed by human beings.

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facts about rattlesnakes

facts about rattlesnakes

Facts about Rattlesnakes 4: the threat

Extermination campaigns, poaching and habitat destruction are considered as some threats of rattlesnakes.

Facts about Rattlesnakes 5: the snakebite injuries

In North America, the people who have the snakebite injuries usually are caused by Rattlesnakes. The bites are not fatal if they are treated well. If you meet Rattlesnakes, do not threaten or even provoke them. They will not attack unless they feel threatened.

Facts about Rattlesnakes 6: the rattle

The name of the snake is taken from the rattle situated at the tail end. When the tail is shaken, the loud rattling noise is produced. It warns the predators and preys the presence of Rattlesnakes.

Facts about Rattlesnakes 7: the venomous snakebites

The venomous snakebites in North America are mostly caused by Crotalus atrox. The common name is the western diamondback rattlesnake. The South America features two species of rattlesnakes. The east of Mississippi River has four species. Texas and Arizona have the most types of rattlesnakes.

rattlesnake pic

rattlesnake pic

Facts about Rattlesnakes 8: the habitats of rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes prefer to live in rocky and open habitat. They will be able to hide from the predators by living around the rocks. However, some of them are found in other habitats like forests, desert, marshes and prairies.

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Facts about Rattlesnakes 9: the prey of rattlesnakes

The small animals like birds, rats and mice are the primary foods for rattlesnakes. When hunting the prey, rattlesnakes will wait, capture and bite the prey.

rattlesnake pictures

rattlesnake pictures

Facts about Rattlesnakes 10: the gastric fluid

Rattlesnakes have the powerful gastric fluid. Therefore, the snake is capable for digesting the flesh and bone.

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