10 Facts about Ravana

Post On: November 20, 2016

Facts about Ravana will talk about the primary antagonist character in Ramayana. The Hindu epic is very famous in the world.  He is a King from Lanka. The depiction of Ravana is like a demon or Rakshasa. The primary protagonist in the mythological tale is Rama who faces Ravana in the battle for he kidnaps Rama’s wife Sita. Let us check other interesting facts about Ravana below:

Facts about Ravana 1: who is Ravana?

Ravana is depicted as a capable ruler and great scholar. He is the follower of Lord Shiva. Ravana owns 10 heads. He has amazing power.

ravana statue

ravana statue

Facts about Ravana 2: the heads of Ravana

As I have stated before, Ravana has 10 heads. They are used to represent the four Vedas and six shastras.

Facts about Ravana 3:  the major ambition of Ravana

Ravana has a major ambition. He wants to have more power than the devas. He wants to spread more dominance.

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ravana pic

ravana pic

Facts about Ravana 4: revenge

Shurpanakha is the sister of Ravana whose nose and ears were cut off by Rama and Lakshmana. Ravana takes revenge by kidnapping the wife of Rama, Sita.

Facts about Ravana 5: the Hindus and Ravana

The Hindus who live in some parts of Bali, Sri Lanka and India worship Ravana. Some places associate the images of Ravana with Shiva.

Facts about Ravana 6: the other names of Ravana

Ravana has other names. They include Eela Vendhar, Dasis Ravana, Lankeshwaran, Dasis Sakvithi Maha Ravana, Lankeshwar and Ravula.

Facts about Ravana 7: Ravana as author

Ravana is also an author. He writes a book about Hindu astrology called Ravana Samhita. Another book about Siddha medicine and treatment is also written by him with the title Arka Prakasham.

ravana facts

ravana facts

Facts about Ravana 8: the belly

It is believed that the belly of Ravana has the nectar of immortality.

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Facts about Ravana 9: the birthplace and parents of Ravana

His mother is the daitya princess Kaikesi. His father is Vishrava. It is believed that that Ravana was born in Bisrakh village in Uttar Pradesh.

facts about ravana

facts about ravana

Facts about Ravana 10: Koneswaram temple

The temple connected with Ravana and his mother is Koneswaram temple. The location is in Sri Lanka.  King Ravana is also associated with Kannitya Hot Water spring. The history stated that some fountains appeared after Ravana used his sword to stick the earth during the funeral of his mother.

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