10 Facts about Ravi Shankar

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If you are interested to know the profile of a prominent Indian musician, check Facts about Ravi Shankar. He was born on April 7th, 1920 and died on December 11th, 2012. His birth name was Rabindra Shankar Chowdhury. Shankar focused more on the creation of classical Indian music. People often call him with the title Pandit that means Master in English.

Facts about Ravi Shankar 1: the sitar

It seems that sitar was the most well known musical instrument played by Shankar. You see his pictures holding and playing sitar. During the second half of 20th century, Shankar was known as the greatest exponent of sitar. His music has affected many other musicians globally.

Facts about Ravi Shankar

Facts about Ravi Shankar

Facts about Ravi Shankar 2: the early life

Uday Shankar was the brother of Shankar who had a dance group where young Ravi toured with the group not only in India but also in Europe.

Facts about Ravi Shankar 3:  the interest for sitar playing

Shankar was interested to study about sitar playing by leaving dancing in 1938.  His mentor was Allauddin Khan, a court musician.

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Ravi Shankar Images

Ravi Shankar Images

Facts about Ravi Shankar 4: as a composer

Shankar became a composer after he completed the study in 1944. He made music for Apu Trilogy. In 1949 until 1956, he was appointed as the music director for All India Radio in New Delhi.

Facts about Ravi Shankar 5: the tour

The popularity of Indian music was improved due to the tour conducted by Shankar to Americas and Europe beginning in 1956 where he played the classical music.

Facts about Ravi Shankar 6: the associated artists

Some artists associated with Shankar outside India included the George Harrison, the guitarist of the Beatles and Yehudi Menuhin, a violinist.

Facts about Ravi Shankar 7: the contribution of Shankar in 1960s

In 1960s, the Indian instruments were popular to be used in Pop music partly because of Shankar’s contribution.

Ravi Shankar Pic

Ravi Shankar Pic

Facts about Ravi Shankar 8: the western music

Shankar was also involved in the creation of western music where he made the parts of orchestra and sitar.

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Facts about Ravi Shankar 9: the world tour of Shankar

In 1970s and 1980s, Shankar was engaged in a world tour.

Ravi Shankar Facts

Ravi Shankar Facts

Facts about Ravi Shankar 10: politics

Do you know that Shankar was involved in Indian political arena? He was a nominated member of the upper chamber of Indian Parliament called Rajya Sabha in 1986 until 1992.

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