10 Facts about Ray Kroc

Post On: February 2, 2017

Facts about Ray Kroc tell us about the American businessman who was born on 5th October 1902 and died on 14th January 1984. His birth name is Raymond Albert Kroc. In 1954, he joined McDonald’s.  He made this fast food company as the biggest and most popular one globally. There is no need to wonder that McDonald’s can be found in various parts of the world in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. Let us get other interesting facts about Ray Kroc below:

Facts about Ray Kroc 1: the baseball team

Besides managing McDonald’s, Kroc also owned a baseball team. In 1974, San Diego Padres was bought by Kroc. He owned the team until his death in 1984.

Downey Mcdonalds

Downey Mcdonalds

Facts about Ray Kroc 2: the list in Time

Do you know that in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century, Ray Kroc was included in the list? During his life, he had amazing net worth.

Facts about Ray Kroc 3: the birthplace of Kroc

The birthplace of Kroc was located in Oak Park, near Chicago. Kroc was raised in Oak Park, Illinois during his life. His father was Alois Kroc, while his mother was Rose Mary. Both of his parents had Czech origin.

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Facts about Ray Kroc

Facts about Ray Kroc

Facts about Ray Kroc 4: the World War 1

When he was 15, he became an ambulance driver for Red Cross during the World War 1. He was accepted since he lied about his real age. However, he was never sent abroad even though the war ended,

Facts about Ray Kroc 5: the job after the World War 2

Kroc became a milk shake mixer salesman for Prince Castle after the World War 2 ended. However, the sales of the product fell due to its competition with Hamilton Beach products, which sold cheaper products.

Facts about Ray Kroc 6: the McDonald brothers

There were six Multi-Mixers, which had been bought by the McDonald brothers from Kroc.

Facts about Ray Kroc 7: offering the service

Kroc was interested to help the McDonald brother to become their new franchising agent after Bill Tansey, the former agent decided to leave his job because of his health.



Facts about Ray Kroc 8: the first restaurants of McDonald’s

Des Plaines, Illinois featured the first restaurant of McDonald’s opened by Kroc. He was still active managing the fast food restaurant in Des Plaines until his death. He often reminded the manager to maintain the cleanness of the restaurant by phoning him.

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Facts about Ray Kroc 9: the opening day

During the opening day of the restaurant in Des Plaines, he earned hundreds of dollars.

Facts about Ray Kroc 10: the personal life

The first wife of Kroc was with Ethel Fleming, which ended in divorce. He married again in 1963 with Jane Green. However, it also ended in divorce. The third wife was Joan.

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