10 Facts about R&B Music

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Do not call yourself a fan of music if you have not read Facts about R&B Music. The term R&B stands for rhythm and blues.  The origin of this musical genre was traced back in 1940s. It is one of the most popular musical genres in the African American music. The record companies employed the term R&B to call to the jazz-based music, which had the insistent and heavy beats. The target audience for such music was the urban African Americans. Get other interesting facts about R&B music below:

Facts about R&B Music 1: the musical instruments

The common musical instruments employed to create the commercial R&B music in 1950s until 1970s included saxophone, drums, bass, guitars and piano. In some cases, the music also featured the background vocalist on the band.

Della Reese Jubilee Records

Della Reese Jubilee Records

Facts about R&B Music 2: the lyrical themes

The quest for happiness and freedom as well as the experience of pain became the primary themes found on R&B music of African American people.

Facts about R&B Music 3: other themes

The R&B music also featured the lyrics in other themes such as aspiration, relationship failure, triumphs, sex, and economics.

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R&B Music

R&B Music

Facts about R&B Music 4: R&B in 1950s

In the beginning of 1950s, the R&B was mainly used to describe the blues records. Then it was used to call music developed from the soul, gospel and electric blues music.

Facts about R&B Music 5: R&B in 1960s

It was very surprising to notice that the bands such as The Animals, The Who and the Rolling Stones were endorsed as R&B bands.

Facts about R&B Music 6: the slogan

The slogan of Maximum R&B was found at the posters of the Who’s Residency.

Facts about R&B Music 7: R&B in 1970s

R&B was used to call the soul and funk music in 1970s. The meaning of R&B shifted again in 1980s after the development of contemporary R&B. The dance, hip-hop, pop, funk, soul and rhythm and blues are the elements found in the contemporary R&B music.

R&B Music Facts

R&B Music Facts

Facts about R&B Music 8: the R&B artists

Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder were some notable R&B singers in the late 20th century.

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Facts about R&B Music 9: the origin of R&B

The jazz and blues musical genres were considered as the predecessors of R&B music.

Facts about R&B Music

Facts about R&B Music

Facts about R&B Music 10: R&B singers in 1990s

In 1990s, the R&B singers who enjoyed a great deal of success were Toni Braxton, TLC and Usher.

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