10 Facts about Real Estate

Post On: February 3, 2017

Facts about Real Estate present the information about a property, which consists of building and land. It also contains the national resources like water, minerals, and crops.  The building is not moveable. Real estate is an important part of business, which generates millions of dollars. Canada, United States, India, Australia, United Kingdom and Pakistan use the term real estate in their jurisdictions. Get other facts about real estate below:

Facts about Real Estate 1: the residential real estate

One of the most notable parts of real estate is the residential real estate.  It can be used for business or even occupation.  The structure may be constructed for a multi-family or even a single-family design.

Real Estate Facts

Real Estate Facts

Facts about Real Estate 2:  the housing

The similar physical type of houses may be applied by distinctive types of housing tenure.

Facts about Real Estate 3:  the major categories of real estate

There are various types of real estates in Europe and North America. It can be in the form of multi-unit dwellings, multi-family house, condominium, cooperative, apartment, and terraced house.

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Real Estate Pic

Real Estate Pic

Facts about Real Estate 4: the apartment

The perimeter of lockable doors is used to define the apartment. This unit is located a multi-unit building. The people in Britain call it a flat.

Facts about Real Estate 5: the terraced house

There is no intervening space in terraced house. It may consist of a single or multi buildings. The example of terraced house includes the rowhouse and townhouse.

Facts about Real Estate 6: the cooperative

The term cooperative of real estate is applied on the multi-unit house complex owned with multi ownership.

Facts about Real Estate 7: the semi detached real estate

An example of semi-detached real estate includes the duplex.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Facts about Real Estate 8: the portable dwellings

The portable dwellings are available too. They include tents, houseboats and mobile homes. The fabric material is used on the walls and roof on the tents.

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Facts about Real Estate 9: the size

The square meter or square feet measurement is used to define the size of a flat or apartment. The non living space and garage are not included in the living space in United States.

Facts about Real Estate

Facts about Real Estate

Facts about Real Estate 10: one bedroom apartment

A bedroom separated from the dining room and living room is spotted in one-bedroom apartment.  The larger unit of apartment may feature the two bedrooms or even three bedrooms.

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