10 Facts about Real Macbeth

Post On: February 3, 2017

Facts about Real Macbeth will tell us about Mac Bethad mac Findlaích. Macbeth was often called as the Red King or Rí Deircc. He was born circa 1005 and died on 15th August 1057. He came to power in 1040 until his death in 1057. He became the King of the Scots. Macbeth was also recognized King of Fortriu, King of Moray and King of Alba. Check other interesting facts about Real Macbeth:

Facts about Real Macbeth 1: the Forres area of Moray

The Forres area of Moray was considered as the primary place of living of Macbeth according to some evidences.

Real Macbeth Facts

Real Macbeth Facts

Facts about Real Macbeth 2: the battle

The battle located near Pitgaveny witnessed the victory of Macbeth against Duncan, his cousin of King of Moray.

Facts about Real Macbeth 3: the tragedy

Macbeth was the primary inspiration for William Shakespeare when he wrote Macbeth’s tragedy.

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Real Macbeth

Real Macbeth

Facts about Real Macbeth 4: the history

The Shakespeare’s play was not historically accurate even though it was based on Holinshed’s Chronicles (1577). Macbeth is the anglicized version of Mac-Bethad. It has the meaning of “son of life”.

Facts about Real Macbeth 5: the royal ancestry of Macbeth

Duncan I was the cousin of Macbeth. King Malcolm II was the grandfather of Macbeth according to some sources.  It was believed that Caithness, Earl of Orkney and Thorfinn the Mighty were believed to be his cousins.

Facts about Real Macbeth 6: the presence of Macbeth

Macbeth presented his submission to King Malcolm II along with Cnut the Great in 1031. It symbolized the power of Macbeth.

Facts about Real Macbeth 7: the death of Malcolm II

Macbeth faced a violent death based on the Prophecy of Berchan. The killers were not named. He called them kinslaying.

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Facts about Real Macbeth

Facts about Real Macbeth

Facts about Real Macbeth 8: feudalism

It was believed that feudalism was first introduced to Scotland by Macbeth. Scotland was invaded by Siward in 1054. The battle was bloody because it took the life of 1,500 English and 3,000 Scots.

Facts about Real Macbeth 9: the death of Macbeth

The future Malcolm III was capable of severely wounded and killed Macbeth.

Facts about Real Macbeth 10: the last stand of Macbeth

The last stand of Macbeth was during the battle, which took place at Lumphanan.

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