10 Facts about Real Pirates

Post On: February 3, 2017

The following Facts about Real Pirates will tell the readers about the pirates who did piracy.  The pirates include the river pirates, privateers, corsairs, and buccaneers. The pirates were often the crewmembers or even the captains. The male and female may involve in piracy. One of the notable pirates included Barbarossa. He was also known as Redbeard. He was a Barbary privateer. Then he was recognized as an Admiral when serving for the Ottoman. Let us find out the interesting facts about real pirates below:

Facts about Real Pirates 1: Awilda

The famous pirate from the fifth century was Awilda. She commandeered a ship and dressed up like a sailor.



Facts about Real Pirates 2: Uluj Ali

An Italian born Muslim corsair was Uluj Ali or Giovanni Dionigi. In 16th century, he was appointed as the Admiral for the Ottoman.

Facts about Real Pirates 3: Sir Francis Drake

In Spain, Sir Francis Drake was recognized as a pirate. However, he earned the status as a hero in England. People called him as el Draque or the Dragon.

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Facts about Real Pirates

Facts about Real Pirates

Facts about Real Pirates 4: a female pirate

The famous female pirate was Awilda. It was believed that his father was a Scandinavian king from the fifth century.  A source stated that his father was a Gothic king named Synardus.

Facts about Real Pirates 5: a legend

Some historical scholars believe that the story of Awilda is only a legend. They doubted the accuracy of the story.

Facts about Real Pirates 6: an arranged marriage

The story stated that that her father wanted Awilda to marry the crown prince of Denmark named Alf. However, Awilda did not like with the choice of her father.

Facts about Real Pirates 7: Awilda as a captain

Awilda dressed up like a sailor along with her female friends. She discovered a pirate ship with no captain. She was selected as the captain of the ship.

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Real Pirates

Real Pirates

Facts about Real Pirates 8: marrying Alf

She married Alf due to his courage for looking for her. Both lived as the king and queen of Denmark.

Facts about Real Pirates 9: the era of piracy

In 1500s, the era of piracy started in the Caribbean. It ended in 1830s due to the combat of piracy by the navies of the colonies of Caribbean, North America and Western Europe.

Arudsch barbarossa

Arudsch barbarossa

Facts about Real Pirates 10: the most successful pirate era

In 1660s until 1730s, piracy was very successful in the Caribbean.  The Nassau in the Bahamas, Tortuga in Haiti, and Port Royal in Jamaica contributed to the development of piracy in Caribbean.

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