10 Facts about Reality TV

Post On: February 3, 2017

Facts about Reality TV talk about a form of entertainment, which tries to depict the unscripted real life situation on screen. This TV program is very popular today.  In most cases, the unknown individuals served as the main players in the reality TV. However, many celebrities are involved in the reality TV today. If you think that reality TV and documentary TV are similar, you are wrong. It does not have any intention to educate the viewers because it focuses more on the personal conflict, drama and entertainment. Let us check other impressive facts about reality TV below:

Facts about Reality TV 1: the standard tropes

The standard tropes of reality TV are various.  Some reality TV programs try to capture the expression of the cast members through their thoughts.  It is called confessionals, which involve the interview segment or talking heads.

Reality TV

Reality TV

Facts about Reality TV 2: the competition based reality show

Another form of reality TV is the competition based reality show where each participant will be eliminated per episode.  It also has the immunity concept and judges.

Facts about Reality TV 3: the early program of reality TV

Nummer 28 was a Dutch series in 1991 seen as the earlier form of reality TV program. The show recorded the interaction of strangers.

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Reality TV Facts

Reality TV Facts

Facts about Reality TV 4: the worldwide success

The worldwide success of reality TV was followed by the series like Big Brother, Idols and Survivor in the end of 1990s and beginning of 2000s.

Facts about Reality TV 5: the global franchises

The famous reality programs at that time were adapted as franchises where the local adaptation was spotted in other parts of the world.

Facts about Reality TV 6: MTV

The music video pioneer was MTV started in 1981, which focused at the reality programs in the beginning of 2000s.

Facts about Reality TV 7: the classification as reality TV

The traditional game shows, talk shows, sport televisions, television news and documentaries are included as reality TV.

Kim K

Kim K

Facts about Reality TV 8: the criticism

The popularity of reality TV is not always positively accepted by the viewers. The program has been criticized because it uses the word “reality”.

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Facts about Reality TV 9:  is it real?

The criticism occurs because the reality TV is not accurately depicted the reality.

Facts about Reality TV

Facts about Reality TV

Facts about Reality TV 10: the notable reality TV shows

One of the famous reality TV shows is Duck Dynasty. Another one is Keeping Up with Kardashians.

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