10 Facts about Reconciliation

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Facts about Reconciliation give the information about the conflict resolution. When there is a conflict or retribution, there will be conceptualized processes and methods used to end it for peace. One way to solve the group conflict is by communicating and reminding the groups about their reasons for embracing a particular belief and objectives the group. They may involve in collective negotiations to resolve the conflict. Let us find out other interesting facts about reconciliation.

Facts about Reconciliation 1: the types of resolutions

There are three types of resolutions. They are the behavioral resolution, emotional resolution and cognitive resolution.

Facts about Reconciliation

Facts about Reconciliation

Facts about Reconciliation 2: the methods

Various methods for reconciliation have been developed which include peace building, diplomacy, mediation-arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Facts about Reconciliation 3: the processes

During the reconciliation, the litigation as well as arbitration process is considered.

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Reconciliation Image

Reconciliation Image

Facts about Reconciliation 4: the nonviolent resistance

Reconciliation is aimed to bring the nonviolent resistance for the parties involved in conflict. The effective resolution is encouraged here so that the conflict will end.

Facts about Reconciliation 5: an academic field

The first university, which offers the students with a PhD program for conflict resolution as an academy field, is George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Facts about Reconciliation 6: the dimensions or themes

There are two themes or dimensions used by an individual method for ending conflict. It is called as the dual concern model.  Both are assertiveness or concern for self and empathy or concern for others.

Facts about Reconciliation 7: conflict resolution strategies or styles

There are five strategies or styles of conflict resolutions based on the dual model concern. They include the avoidance, cooperation, conciliation, yielding and competitive conflict styles.

Reconciliation Pic

Reconciliation Pic

Facts about Reconciliation 8: the avoiding conflict style

The avoidance conflict style involves the wait and see attitude by avoiding the problem to topic of conflict. The style will worsen the problem for both decide to ignore the conflict. It may grow bigger.

Facts about Reconciliation 9: the competitive conflict style

The high level of concern in the assertiveness or concern of self is spotted during the competitive conflict style.  The concern for others or empathy is low.

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Reconciliation Facts

Reconciliation Facts

Facts about Reconciliation 10: the cooperation conflict style

The cooperation conflict style has the objective to find out the amicable resolution of the problem for the conflicted parties. The win-win solution is presented here so that the interest of both parties is preserved.

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