10 Facts about Recorders

Post On: February 5, 2017
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Facts about Recorders elaborate the ideas about the woodwind musical instrument.  It is characterized with the presence of a whistle mouthpiece and flutes. The instrument has seven finger holes and a thumbhole for the upper hand. The four finger holes are for the lower hand, while the upper hand is used on the three finger holes. That is why a recorder is different from the duct flutes. Check other interesting facts about recorders below:

Facts about Recorders 1: the western classical traditional

In the western classical tradition, recorder receives the status as the most notable duct flute instrument.

Facts about Recorders

Facts about Recorders

Facts about Recorders 2: the size of recorders

There are various sizes of recorders, which produce a number of vocal ranges. The bass has the lowest note F3. The lowest note C4 is encompassed by the tenor recorder. The lowest note F4 and lowest note C5 are found on the alto and soprano.  All of them are the more prevalent types of recorders played by the people.

Facts about Recorders 3: the primary materials

The primary materials to create recorder are ivory and wood. Today, it is also common to spot recorded made of plastic due to the cheaper price.

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Recorders Facts

Recorders Facts

Facts about Recorders 4: recorded in the Middle Ages

The first documented recorder was dated back in the middle Ages. During the baroque and renaissance periods, it had widespread popularity. During the romantic and classical periods, recorder was not popular.

Facts about Recorders 5: the revival of recorder

The revival of recorder was spotted in the twentieth century. It was a popular instrument used in the musical education.

Facts about Recorders 6: the composition

Vivaldi, Purcell, Monteverdi, Benjamin Britten, Handel, Luciano Berio and Leonard Bernstein are some musicians who compose recorder.

Facts about Recorders 7: the today’s popularity of recorder

Recorder enjoys a great deal of popularity among the amateur musicians. It is also played in full solo performance.



Facts about Recorders 8: the production of sound

The people use the words clear and sweet to define the sound produced by the recorder.  The produced sound is often linked with the sound of shepherd and bird.

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Facts about Recorders 9: the keys

It is common to have the recorders with metal keys. The most preferable one is made of hardwoods such as granadilla, rosewood, maplewood, plumwood, olivewood and pearwood.



Facts about Recorders 10: the large recorder

The large shape of recorders is also available. It is not easy to reach the hole due to far distances between the holes. Therefore, the ergonomic keys are available.

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