10 Facts about Rectangles

Post On: February 5, 2017

If you love mathematics, Facts about Rectangles are the best materials to read.  It has four right angles.  It is considered as a quadrilateral in Euclidean plane geometry.  The equal value is seen on all angles of rectangle. Therefore, it is called as an equiangular quadrilateral. Due to the presence of a right angle, rectangle is called as an equiangular quadrilateral. Let us find out other interesting facts about rectangles in the following post below:

Facts about Rectangles 1: a square

The term square is used to define a rectangle which has equal length of the four sides.

rectangle facts

rectangle facts

Facts about Rectangles 2: oblong

If the rectangle does not feature equal length on the four sides, it is called oblong. In other word, it is defined as a non-square rectangle.

Facts about Rectangles 3: the name origin

The word rectangle is derived from the word rectangulus. It is a Latin word. It was taken from two words of rectus and angulus. The former one means right, while the latter one means angle.

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rectangle pic

rectangle pic

Facts about Rectangles 4: a crossed quadrilateral

The two opposite sides of a rectangle is found on a crossed quadrilateral.  It is often called as crossed rectangle.

Facts about Rectangles 5: the antiparallelogram

Antiparallelogram is defined as a having not right angles which can be found in hyperbolic, elliptic and spherical. The simplest form of elliptic geometry is the spherical geometry.

Facts about Rectangles 6: tiling problems

The various tiling problems involve with rectangles. It can be seen in tiling a rectangle by polygon or even tiling the plane by rectangles.

Facts about Rectangles 7: convex quadrilateral

Have you ever heard about convex quadrilateral? It is star shaped and simple.  Trapezium is the example.



Facts about Rectangles 8: the characteristics of rectangle

Let us mention some characteristics of rectangle. It is vertex-transitive, equiangular, and cyclic.

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Facts about Rectangles 9: the tiles of rectangles

Rectangles come in various types of tiles. You can have them triangulated, rectangle and squared. The all rotations and reflections are spotted when the tilings of rectangles are occurred by the congruent non-rectangular polyominoes.

Facts about Rectangles 10: the polygon density

The polygon density on the interior of a crossed rectangle is around 1 inch per triangle.  The density is affected by several factors such as the winding orientation. It may be rotated in counterclockwise and clockwise.

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