10 Facts about Recycling Paper

Post On: February 5, 2017

Facts about Recycling Paper talk about the ways to recycle paper.  The mill broke; post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste are considered as the three paper categories for recycling paper. During the manufacturing process of paper, the paper scraps or paper trimmings are produced as the side ways. They are the mill broke which can be recycled to create papers. The paper mill will recycle this mill broke paper. Let us check other interesting facts about recycling paper below:

Facts about Recycling Paper 1: what is the pre-consumer waste?

Can you define the pre-consumer waste?  It is a leftover material from the paper mill. Before it is ready for the consumer, the waste has been discarded.

Facts about Recycling Paper

Facts about Recycling Paper

Facts about Recycling Paper 2: the post-consumer waste

The newspaper, old magazines, and old corrugated containers are some examples of post-consumer waste. After this material has been used by the consumer, the material is discarded.

Facts about Recycling Paper 3: the scrap paper

The term the scrap paper is used to call the paper suitable for recycling process. The molded pulp packaging is generated by having the scrap paper.

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Recycling Paper

Recycling Paper

Facts about Recycling Paper 4: removing the printing ink

Justus Claproth was the German jurist who invented the process called deinking. This process involves eliminating the printing ink from paperfibers of paper to create the deinked paper.

Facts about Recycling Paper 5: the process of waste paper recycling

The paper will be mixed with chemicals and water during the recycling process. After the paper is broken down, it will be chopped up and heated. Then it will be broken down again into cellulose strands. It leads into the development of pulp.  The plastic or glue on the paper will be removed through the screening process.  Then it will have the cleaning, deinking, bleaching and mixing process with water to produce recycled paper.

Facts about Recycling Paper 6: the ink

The ink accounts for 2 percent of the total weight in a wastepaper stock.

Facts about Recycling Paper 7: the paper pulp

Wood accounts for 40 percent of the production of paper pulp. The pulp logs are made of 9 to 16 percent in the modern paper mills.

Recycling Paper Pic

Recycling Paper Pic

Facts about Recycling Paper 8: saving the wood

One easiest way to save the wood is by recycling the paper. Around one ton of wood will be saved by recycling one ton of newsprint.

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Facts about Recycling Paper 9: recycling the world’s paper

People avoid using 81,000 km square of forest by recycling 50 percent of the world’s paper.

Recycling Paper Facts

Recycling Paper Facts

Facts about Recycling Paper 10: the energy consumption

Recycling the paper may also decrease the rate of energy consumption.

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