10 Facts about Recycling Plastic

Post On: February 6, 2017

Facts about Recycling Plastic tell us about the way to recycle plastic. The material will be recycled to produce useful products. It is a way to decrease the plastic waste and scraps.  Recycling plastic is very important for the environmental health due to the non-biodegradable state that plastic has. That is why the global people have to reduce this waste for safer environment. Do you know that almost 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste is found annually on the ocean of our planet? By recycling the plastic, the pollution on the ocean will be declined. Here are other useful facts about recycling plastic to notice:

Facts about Recycling Plastic 1: the processes of recycling plastic

Let us find out the processes of recycling plastic. The first to do is collecting the plastic waste. Then it will be sorted into different polymers. After that it will be melted into pellets after it is chipped. Then the pellets are ready to create various new items such as plastic tables and plastic chairs.

Facts about Recycling Plastic

Facts about Recycling Plastic

Facts about Recycling Plastic 2: the soft plastics

The polyethylene film and bags are the examples of the plastic materials, which have soft textures.

Facts about Recycling Plastic 3: the operation of recycling plastic

Since 1970s, people have applied and developed the process of recycling plastic. Today, the process is effective and efficient.

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Recycling Plastic 02

Recycling Plastic 02

Facts about Recycling Plastic 4: the challenging process

The process for recycling plastic is very challenging because it has low value and low density. To solve the problem, various techniques have been developed.

Facts about Recycling Plastic 5: the efficient mixing process

The mixing process of recycling plastic will be efficient and effective if the plastic with identical composition is mixed together.

Facts about Recycling Plastic 6: the different types of plastic

Plastic is just like oil and water if you mix different types of plastic. They tend to separate themselves from the mixture. The layers will be set here.

Facts about Recycling Plastic 7:  the problem

The extensive usage of additives, fillers and dyes presents another problem for recycling plastic.

Recycling Plastic 03

Recycling Plastic 03

Facts about Recycling Plastic 8:  the less usage of additives

The plastic bags and beverage containers contain fewer additives. That is why; they are frequently recycled.

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Facts about Recycling Plastic 9: the other barriers of recycling plastic

The other barriers of recycling plastic are related to the lack of universal triangle recycling symbol and high amount of plastic on the landfill and waste stream.

Recycling Plastic

Recycling Plastic

Facts about Recycling Plastic 10: biodegradable plastics

Today, people are concerned with plastic waste. They decide to use the biodegradable plastics.

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