10 Facts about Red Back Spider

Post On: February 8, 2017

Facts about Red Back Spider will present the interesting insights about Latrodectus hasseltii. This venomous spider is endemic to Australia. The female body has spherical black color.  The upper of the abdomen features the notable red stripe. The underside features the red to orange streak in the shape of an hourglass. The male has smaller body shape compared to the female counterpart. The length of male body is 0.12 to 0.16 inch or 3 to 4 mm. On the other hand, the female is longer with 0.4 inch or 10 mm body length. Find out other impressive facts about red back spider below:

Facts about Red Back Spider 1: the place of living

The red back spider will look for the warm sheltered place to live. They will create an untidy web. It is common for the red back to live nearby the human settlement.

Facts about Red Back Spider

Facts about Red Back Spider

Facts about Red Back Spider 2: the primary food

The primary foods of red back spiders include small vertebrates, spiders and insects. Red back spiders produce the complex venom injected through their bites. The liquid inside the preys will be suck up by the spiders after wrapping the preys in the silk.

Facts about Red Back Spider 3: the male spiders and spiderlings

The leftover food of the female spiders usually will be stolen by the male spiders and spiderlings, which live nearby the webs of female spiders.

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Red Back Spider Pic

Red Back Spider Pic

Facts about Red Back Spider 4: the sexual cannibalism

One of the unique features of red back spiders is the sexual cannibalism.

Facts about Red Back Spider 5: the reproduction

The reproductive tract of female red back spiders features the organs called spermathecae used to store the sperms.  The female has a number of egg clutches, which can be fertilized using the stored sperms. There are 250 eggs per clutch.

Facts about Red Back Spider 6: the distribution of spermathecae redback spider

Australia is the primary home for the redback spider. The animal is native to the country. However, it can be found in Belgium, Japan and New Zealand too.

Facts about Red Back Spider 7: spider bites

Human beings should be careful with the bites of redback spider for it may lead into serious health condition.

Red Back Spider Facts

Red Back Spider Facts

Facts about Red Back Spider 8: the syndrome of latrodectism

The human bitten by the spider may face the syndrome of latrodectism. The bite site will be so painful.

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Facts about Red Back Spider 9: the general symptoms

Agtitation, headache, vomiting and nausea are some symptoms faced by the people bitten by red back.

Red Back Spider

Red Back Spider

Facts about Red Back Spider 10: antivenom

Since 1956, the antivenom has been introduced. There is not death case related to the bite of redback.

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