10 Facts about Red Bull

Post On: February 7, 2017
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Facts about Red Bull inform the readers about a notable energy drink. In 1987, Red Bull GmbH manufactured the product. It is a company from Austria. The report in 2016 finds out that Red Bull has been sold in 6.062 billion cans. There is no need to wonder that it has the largest market share of any energy drink globally. The inspiration of Red Bull was from Krating Daeng sold by Chaleo Yoovidhya in Thailand. Dietrich Mateschitz who was an entrepreneur from Austria was interested to create his own energy drink. Therefore, he created Red Bull. Find out other interesting facts about Red Bull below:

Facts about Red Bull 1: the taste

After being inspired from Krating Daeng, Dietrich Mateschitz decided to create his own drink by modifying the taste. In 1987, Red Bull GmbH was founded in Chakkapong, Thailand by Mateschitz where he collaborated with Chaleo.

Red Bull Race

Red Bull Race

Facts about Red Bull 2: what is Krating Daeng?

The term krating daeng is derived from Thai language. The word krating means bovine, while the word daeng means red. Thus, the product of Mateschitz is called Red Bull as the English version of Krating Daeng.

Facts about Red Bull 3: the can of red bull and krating daeng

Krating daeng and red bull have different can design. The shorter gold can is spotted on Krating Daeng. The slim and tall blue-silver can is used to package Red Bull. Both are different products. If you are a fan of Red Bull, do you know its slogan? “Red Bull give you wings” is considered as the slogan of the company.

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Red Bull Tin

Red Bull Tin

Facts about Red Bull 4: marketing

There are various ways for marketing Red Bull. It is spotted in events, music, celebrity endorsement, spot team ownership, advertising and many more.

Facts about Red Bull 5: the health risks of energy drink

Red Bull is a kind of energy drink.  The health risk of consuming energy drink is always connected with the psychiatric and cardiac condition when people repeatedly consume it. It is also associated with the intoxication effect when the energy drink is taken with alcohol.

Facts about Red Bull 6: safety

Red Bull and other popular energy drinks are considered safe when people have it in adequate consumption according to EFSA or European Food Safety Authority.

Facts about Red Bull 7: the ingredients

Glucose, sucrose, B vitamins, taurine and caffeine are the primary ingredients of Red Bull.

Red Bull

Red Bull

Facts about Red Bull 8: the sugar free

The people who hate glucose and sucrose may choose the sugar free version of Red Bull.

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Facts about Red Bull 9: export

Since 2014, China has imported Red Bull from Austria.

Facts about Red Bull

Facts about Red Bull

Facts about Red Bull 10: the type of Red Bull

There are two types of Red Bull in China. They are the extra strength and regular strength ones.

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