10 Facts about Red Dog

Post On: February 8, 2017

Facts about Red Dog present the information about a cattle dog or kelpie cross which lived from 1971 until November 21st, 1979. The red dog gained prominence due to his journey in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The red dog often came back to Dampier. That is why there is a statue of red-dog erected in the town. Let us check other interesting facts about red dog below:

Facts about Red Dog 1: the birthplace

The people believe that the birthplace of red dog is situated in Paraburdoo town.

Facts about Red Dog

Facts about Red Dog

Facts about Red Dog 2: the names

A number of names are attached to red-dog. The people who knew the red dog called it Dog of the Northwest, Tally Ho or even Bluey.

Facts about Red Dog 3: Col Cummings

Col Cummings was the man who called the red dog as Tally Ho. It was believed the the red dog was first owned by him. Moreover, he was the person who took the dog to Dampier.

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Red Dog Statue

Red Dog Statue

Facts about Red Dog 4: the term red dog

The dog was called red dog due to the red dirt found in Pilbara region. In many occasions, the red kelpies and heelers are often called under the name red dog too.

Facts about Red Dog 5: John Stazzonelli

John Stazzonelli was a bus driver who became the red dog’s second owner. The dog traveled to various places like Port Hedland, Point Samson, Roebourne, Perth and Broome along with his owner.

Facts about Red Dog 6: traveling alone

Red dog travelled alone after the death of John in 1975.  He was often treated by a veterinarian or even community members who saw him. He was always with a new owner when visiting a vet.

Facts about Red Dog 7: the fame

Red dog was famous.  He became a member of Transport Worker’s Union and Dampier Salts Sport and Social Club.

Red Dog Facts

Red Dog Facts

Facts about Red Dog 8: the death

Red Dog died in 1975. The people believe that he was poisoned though people loved him.

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Facts about Red Dog 9: the burial place

The burial place of red-dog is located in Roebourne, Western Australia where it has an unmarked grave.

Red Dog Movie

Red Dog Movie

Facts about Red Dog 10: in popular culture

The popularity of red dog was increased when his story inspired authors. There are movies, novels and stories about him. A famous book about him was written by Louis de Bernières with the title Red Dog.

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