10 Facts about Red Pollard

Post On: February 9, 2017

The following Facts about Red Pollard will talk about the famous horseracing jockey from Canada. He was born on 27th October 1909 and died on 7th March 1981. His full name is John M Pollard. He was known more as Red Pollard. In 1940, he established the Jockeys’ Guild.  People recognized him due to his riding on a Seabiscuit. In United States, he rode the horse at the racetracks. Let us check other interesting facts about Red Pollard below:

Facts about Red Pollard 1: the grandfather of Pollard

Michael Pollard was the grandfather of Red Pollard who was born in Ireland circa 1834.

Facts about Pollard

Facts about Pollard

Facts about Red Pollard 2: migration

In 1850, Michael relocated to New Jersey from his home country. In 1855, he moved to Illinois.  He married Bridget Moloney in 1863. She was an Irish immigrant. In 1870, the couple relocated to Iowa. In 1975, the father of Red Pollard named John was born here.

Facts about Red Pollard 3: John A. Pollard

In 1898, John moved to Edmonton, Alberta. The Pollard Bros Brickyard was established by John and his brother, Frank.

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Red Pollard Facts

Red Pollard Facts

Facts about Red Pollard 4: the birth of Pollard

In 1909, John M. “Red” Pollard was born in Edmonton. The young Pollard had to live in poverty after the family brickyard was destroyed by the flood of North Saskatchewan River in 1915. During his early years, Pollard lived in wealth.

Facts about Red Pollard 5: the body

Pollard had the weight of 115 pounds. His height was 5 feet 7 inches. As a jockey, his body was big.

Facts about Red Pollard 6: Pollard in 1933

Pollard rode in Woodbine and Fort Erie racetracks when he was in Ontario in 1933.

Facts about Red Pollard 7: the vision

During a training ride, a horse threw a rock, which hit the head of Pollard. It led into a traumatic brain injury causing his right eye to lose the vision. This accident took place during the beginning of his career as a jockey.

Facts about Red Pollard

Facts about Red Pollard

Facts about Red Pollard 8: keeping the secret

Pollard decided to hide his lost of right eye’s vision a secret so that he would be allowed to ride as a jockey.

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Facts about Red Pollard 9: a horse trainer

Pollard became a horse trainer for Tom Smith after he was down and out in 1936 in Detroit.

Red Pollard

Red Pollard

Facts about Red Pollard 10: Pollard in 1940

Pollard became the jockey for a Seabiscuit in 1940. The age of the horse was seven years old where he competed at Satan Anita Park in Arcadia, California and won the Santa Anita Handicap.

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