10 Facts about Red Scare

Post On: February 9, 2017

Facts about Red Scare inform us with the promotion of dread related to the possible rise of radical leftism or communism. The political radicalism and socialist revolution were the major issues, which spread in the First Red Scare in United States.  The issues related to the foreign and national communist, which might influence the federal government and society, were seen during the Second Red Scare. Get other useful facts about Red Scare below:

Facts about Red Scare 1: the beginning of the First Red Scare

The Bolshevik Russian Revolution, which took place in 1917, marked the beginning of the first Red Scare.

Facts about Red Scare

Facts about Red Scare

Facts about Red Scare 2: the impact of the revolution

The revolution of the Bolshevik has a great impact on the American way of life because they believed that it would alter the civility, marriage, home and church.

Facts about Red Scare 3: the newspaper

The political fears were turned into the anti-foreign sentiments because of the exaggerated information on the newspaper.

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Red Scare Pic

Red Scare Pic

Facts about Red Scare 4: the radical anarchism

The radical anarchism brought the anti-sentiment because it was considered as the popular way out of poverty.

Facts about Red Scare 5: the radical threat to American society

The press depicted the labor strikes conducted by the IWW or Industrial Workers of the World, which took place in 1916 and 1917 as the radical threat to United States.

Facts about Red Scare 6: the misinterpretation

The IWW had their own version related to the labor strike that they conducted. They believed that the media misinterpreted it.  The IWW rejected the idea that their labor strike was used as a plot to set up communism or even fight against the government.

Facts about Red Scare 7: the opponent of IWW

The labor strike of IWW was viewed by the opponents as the radical anarchism due to their aim to abolish the wage system and unite as a social class.

Red Scare Facts

Red Scare Facts

Facts about Red Scare 8:  the plot against the notable members

A plot created to mail 36 bombs to the notable political and economic figures in United States was exposed in April 1919.

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Facts about Red Scare 9: the notable members

The targeted people in the plot included Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, John D. Rockefeller, Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and J. P. Morgan Jr.

Red Scare Facts

Red Scare Facts

Facts about Red Scare 10: the bomb explosion

The simultaneous bombing occurred on 2 June 1919 in eight places of United States. The bomber was killed by the explosion, which occurred at the house of Attorney General Palmer.

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