10 Facts about Red Shift

Post On: February 10, 2017

Facts about Red Shift discuss the useful topic in physics. It takes place due to the increase of wavelength on an object due to the presence of the electromagnetic radiation of light. Therefore, it led into the shifting to the spectrum of red.  When it gets redder, it means that the wavelength is improved. This condition equals with the lower photon energy and lower frequency. Let us get other interesting facts about red shift below:

Facts about Red Shift 1: the occurrence of red shift

The occurrence of red shift is characterized by the movement of light source away from the observer. The cosmological red shift is considered as the prominent example.

Facts about Red Shift

Facts about Red Shift

Facts about Red Shift 2: the gravitational red shift

The gravitational redshift is spotted when the electromagnetic radiation moved out of the gravitational field.

Facts about Red Shift 3: the contrasting phenomenon

The opposite phenomenon of redshift is called blueshift. The latter one occurs when the object which emits light moves toward the observer.

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Red Shift Pictures

Red Shift Pictures

Facts about Red Shift 4: the common term

People often use the term redshift. That is why the negative redshift is used to define the blueshift phenomenon.

Facts about Red Shift 5: the application of redshift and blueshift

The blueshift and redshift are very important in the development of technology for both have been used to developed Doppler radar guns and radar.

Facts about Red Shift 6: the value of red shift

In physics, the value of red shift is defined using the letter z.  The calculation of a red shift located on a nearby object can be conducted by using the special relativistic red shift formula. In other cases, the general relativity red shift formula is used to calculate the red shift on the Big Bang and black holes.

Facts about Red Shift 7: the types of red shifts

There are three major types of red shift. They are the cosmological, gravitational and relativistic red shift. All of them are included in the frame transformation laws.

Red Shift

Red Shift

Facts about Red Shift 8: the physical processes

The optical and scattering effects are the examples of physical processes, which may turn the red shift into electromagnetic radiation.

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Facts about Red Shift 9: the brief history of red shift

The brief history of red shift can be traced back during the development of wave mechanics in the nineteenth century.

Red Shift

Red Shift

Facts about Red Shift 10: the Doppler Effect

The red shift is always linked with the development of Doppler Effect. In 1842, the physical effect was explained by Christian Doppler.

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