10 Facts about Red Square

Post On: February 10, 2017
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The city square located in Moscow, Russia is explained on Facts about Red Square. The official house for Russian President and former royal citadel called the Kremlin is separated from Kitai-gorod by the presence of Red Square. The square gains the important status for the primary highways and streets of Russia are from Red Square. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as the central square in the city. Get other interesting facts about Red Square below:

Facts about Red Square 1: the name of Red Square

The name Red Square was taken from a Russian word krasnaya. The meaning is red or beautiful.

Facts about Red Square

Facts about Red Square

Facts about Red Square 2: the misconception

There is a misconception about the origin of Red Square. Some people think that the name is originated from the color red of communism or even the color of the surrounding brick. Actually, the beliefs are wrong.

Facts about Red Square 3: the World Heritage List

Red Square is included in the list of World Heritage in 1990 along with the Kremlin.

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Red Square Image

Red Square Image

Facts about Red Square 4: the prominent concerts

The prominent concerts of the high profile artists were performed at Red Square. The celebrities who had performed here included Scorpions, Linkin Park, Shakira, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Roger Waters, The Prodigy and many more.

Facts about Red Square 5: a skating rink

A skating rink was installed at the Red Square for the New Year Celebrations in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Facts about Red Square 6: a historic moment

A historic moment for the Russian people was when they could see the performance of Paul McCartney on Red Square. Do you know that The Beatles were not allowed to perform in Soviet Union? The sales of the Beatles’ records were also banned here.

Facts about Red Square 7: the military vehicle parade

There was an official announcement made by the Russians in January 2008. They stated that the military vehicle parade would be resumed in Red Square.

Red Square Facts

Red Square Facts

Facts about Red Square 8: the Victory day parade

The Victory day parade was conducted in May 2008 to commemorate the lost of Nazi during the Second World War.

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Facts about Red Square 9: the Moscow Victory Day Parade

Another historic moment was the Moscow Victory Day parade where the armed forces of US, UK and France participated.

Red Square Parade

Red Square Parade

Facts about Red Square 10: the main sights

The main sights on Red Square include the GUM store, State Historical Museum, Lenin Mausoleum, Kremlin and Saint Basil.

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