10 Facts about Red Squirrels

Post On: February 10, 2017

Facts about Red Squirrels tell us about a species of a tree squirrel which can be found in Eurasia. It has the biological name of Sciurus vulgaris.  People often call it as Eurasian red squirrel. This omnivorous rodent is arboreal. In the current years, the population of red squirrel in Ireland, Italy and Great Britain has declined rapidly. It is believed that the introduction of Sciurus carolinensis or eastern grey squirrel decreases the population of red squirrel. Let us check other useful facts about red squirrel:

Facts about Red Squirrels 1: the body length and mass

The mass of red squirrel is around 8.8 to 12 oz or 250 to 340 gram. The tail is 6 to 8 inches long. The length of the head to body is 7.5 to 9 inches or 19 to 23 cm.

Facts about Red squirrel

Facts about Red squirrel

Facts about Red Squirrels 2: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is not spotted in red squirrel because both female and male species have the similar body size.

Facts about Red Squirrels 3: the eastern grey squirrel

The eastern grey squirrel from North America introduced to Great Britain, Ireland and Italy decreases the number of red squirrel. The eastern grey one has the slightly bigger body size than the red squirrel.

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Red squirrel Images

Red squirrel Images

Facts about Red Squirrels 4: the tail

What is the function of the red squirrel’s tail? It is used for steering and balancing the body when the red squirrel wants to jump from one tree to another tree. When the red squirrel sleeps, the tail keeps them warm.

Facts about Red Squirrels 5: the claws

The claws of red squirrels are the same with the ones found on the other tree squirrels. Since they are arboreal, the claws are very helpful when they want to descend or even climb trees.

Facts about Red Squirrels 6: the abilities

The red squirrels have various abilities. Do you know that they can swim? Moreover, they are capable for leaping gaps between the trees due to the presence of the powerful hind legs.

Facts about Red Squirrels 7: the coat

The coat of red squirrel has various colors. It ranges for red to black. The red squirrels, which live in Great Britain usually, have the red coat.

Red squirrel Facts

Red squirrel Facts

Facts about Red Squirrels 8: the underside coat

The white-cream color is found at the underside of red squirrels.

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Facts about Red Squirrels 9: the habitat

In Siberia and northern Europe, the red squirrels inhabit the coniferous and boreal woods.

Red squirrels

Red squirrels

Facts about Red Squirrels 10:  the mating season

The mating season of red squirrel takes place in June and July during the summer season and in February and March in the end of winter season.

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