10 Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks

Post On: February 11, 2017

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks talk about a bird of prey, which can be found in most areas in North America. It is often nicknamed as chickenhawk in United States even though the bird rarely eats the prey, which has the size of a chicken. The biological name of the hawk is Buteo jamaicensis. It can be found in the West Indies, Panama, northern Canada and western Alaska. They can adapt in different kinds of biomes located in North America. Check other interesting facts about the red-tailed hawks below:

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 1: the subspecies

The red-tailed hawks have 14 subspecies.  The range and appearance of the subspecies are not the same.

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 2: the typical length and weight

The typical length of red-tailed hawks is around 18 to 26 inches or 45 to 65 cm. They have the weight around 690 to 1,600 grams. The wingspan is measured around 43 to 57 inches.

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 3: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is spotted between the female and male red-tailed hawks. The males are 25 percent less heavily than the females.

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Red-Tailed Hawks Pic

Red-Tailed Hawks Pic

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 4: the habitat

Red-tailed hawks can be found living in various habitats. They may occupy the grasslands, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, deserts, urban areas and agricultural fields.

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 5: the protection

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act has been enacted in United States, Mexico, and Canada. Therefore, red-tailed hawks are well-protected in those countries.

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 6: the falconry

Red-tailed hawks are considered as the common birds captured for falconry due to their easy-to-train characteristic.

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 7: the male and female weight

The weight of red-tailed hawks is around 900 to 2,000 grams. On the other hand, the males have the weight of 690 to 1,300 grams.

Red-Tailed Hawks Fly

Red-Tailed Hawks Fly

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 8: the male and female length

The length of female red-tailed hawks is around 19 to 26 inches. The male has the length of 18 to 24 inches.

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Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 9: B. j. Caluru

B. j. Calurus has three-color morphs. They are the intermediate, dark and light color.

Red-Tailed Hawks

Red-Tailed Hawks

Facts about Red-Tailed Hawks 10: the perch site

The red-tailed hawks prefer to live on the habitat, which can be used as a perch site such as the fields and forests, which have trees and high bluffs.

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