10 Facts about Red Wolves

Post On: February 12, 2017

Are you curious to read Facts about Red Wolves? The following post will present the details about Canis lupus rufus or Canis rufus.  It was believed that the animal is originated from eastern United States. People often call these red wolves as Mississippi Valley wolf or Florida wolf. The morphology of red wolves is said to stand between the gray wolves and coyote. It has the tawny or reddish body color.  The population of red wolves in United States is legally protected due to its status as an endangered species. Since 1996, IUCN has classified its population as critically endangered species. Let us get other interesting facts about red wolves below:

Facts about Red Wolves 1: the European colonists

The European colonists who came to the New World had their first encounter with the wolf species of Red Wolves.

Facts about Red Wolves

Facts about Red Wolves

Facts about Red Wolves 2: the original distribution

Red wolves were native to eastern United States. At first, they inhabited the northern Pennsylvania, north of Ohio River Valley, central Texas, Atlantic Ocean, south of Gulf Mexico and southern New York.

Facts about Red Wolves 3: extinction

By the mid-19 century, the people were afraid with the population of red wolves for it was at the bridge of extinction.

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Red Wolves Facts

Red Wolves Facts

Facts about Red Wolves 4: the declined population

The population of red wolves was declined rapidly due to the extensive hybridization with coyotes, habitat loss and aggressive predator control program.

Facts about Red Wolves 5: the appearance of red wolves

A few red wolves were spotted on the eastern Texas and Gulf Coast of western Louisiana in the end of 1960s.

Facts about Red Wolves 6: a captive-bred population

A captive-bred population program was created in 1974 until 1980 at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium by using the 14 of the red wolf survivors in 1960s.

Facts about Red Wolves 7: the extinction

The extinction of red wolves in the wild area took place in 1980. However, the red wolves in the captivity soon were released in the wild for restoring the natural red wolves population.

Red Wolves

Red Wolves

Facts about Red Wolves 8: the adult red wolves

The adult red wolves have the weight of 50 to 85 lbs, while the length is measured at 53.5 to 63 inches.

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Facts about Red Wolves 9: the light markings

The eyes and lips of red wolves feature the light markings.

Red Wolf

Red Wolf

Facts about Red Wolves 10: the mating season

The mating season of red wolves takes place in January to February. In March to May, the pups will be born.

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