10 Facts about Reddit

Post On: February 6, 2017

Let me show you the interesting information about the discussion, web content rating and social news aggregation on Facts about Reddit.  You need to register as the community members of Reddit if you want to post direct links or texts as the content. The posts can be organized based on the vote submissions of the registered users. Therefore, the posts can be located up and down depending on the votes.

Facts about Reddit 1: the front page

If you want to make your post on the front page, you have to earn the most positive votes from the submissions.  The top of the category only features the most votes.

Reddit Facts

Reddit Facts

Facts about Reddit 2: the subreddits

The term subreddits is used to call the area of interest organized in the content entries.

Facts about Reddit 3: the topics in the subreddits

Various topics are explored in the subreddits. They are fitness, science, news, image sharing, food, fitness, books, music, movies and many more.

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Facts about Reddit

Facts about Reddit

Facts about Reddit 4: terms of use

Harassment is one of the prohibited behaviors in the term of use on Reddit.

Facts about Reddit 5: the monthly visitors

There were 234 million unique users and 542 million monthly visitors of Reddit in 2016. In the world, Reddit takes No.24 as the most visited website. In United States, it is ranked at No.7.

Facts about Reddit 6: upvotes, comments, submissions and pageviews

Reddit had 6.89 million upvotes from the registered users, 725.85 million comments, 73.15 million submissions and 82.54 billion pageviews in 2015.

Facts about Reddit 7: the founders of Reddit

In 2005, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian co-founded Reddit. Both were roommates in University of Virginia. In October 2006, Reddit was acquired by Condé Nast Publications. In September 2011, Advance Publications became the parent company of Reddit. Then the site was operated independently as of August 2012. However, the largest shareholder in the company is still Advance Publications.

reddit facts

reddit facts

Facts about Reddit 8: the headquarters of Reddit

San Francisco, California is the home of Reddit’s headquarters. The investors of Reddit in 2014 included Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg, Ron Conway, Marc Andreessen, Sam Altman and Peter Thiel.

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Facts about Reddit 9: the account users

Reddit had at least 36 million user accounts as of June 2015. It is easy to register as the member of Reddit. You do not need a complete email address to register.

reddit figure

reddit figure

Facts about Reddit 10: the Reddit users

How do you call the users of Reddit? Call them redditors.

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