10 Facts about Reform Judaism

Post On: February 13, 2017

The major Jewish denomination will be elaborated on Facts about Reform Judaism.  It is also recognized as Progressive Judaism or Liberal Judaism. The focus of the denomination is seen on its emphasis of natural evolution of the religion. Moreover, the belief is not focused on the theophany at Mount Sinai, but on the continuous revelation. The ethical aspects of the ceremonies are held at the superior position. Let us check other interesting facts about Reform Judaism below:

Facts about Reform Judaism 1: the origin of Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism was originated from Germany in the nineteenth century. Rabbi Abraham Geiger and his associates were considered as the main people who set the formulation of this denomination.

Facts about Reform Judaism

Facts about Reform Judaism

Facts about Reform Judaism 2: the center of Reform Judaism today

North America is considered as the major center of Reform Judaism.

Facts about Reform Judaism 3: the regional branches

The beliefs of Reform Judaism are shared with the regional branches such as the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, Liberal Judaism, Movement for Reform Judaism and American Union for Reform Judaism. All of them are included under the umbrella of World Union for Progressive Judaism for its international organization.

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Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism

Facts about Reform Judaism 4: the foundation of World Union for Progressive Judaism

World Union for Progressive Judaism was established in 1926. It is the representative of 1,800,000 individuals in fifty countries in the world.

Facts about Reform Judaism 5: the primary characteristics

The primary characteristics of Reform Judaism are related to the importance of individual autonomy and pluralism.

Facts about Reform Judaism 6: the critic

The denomination has been criticized by the prominent Jewish Rabbis. One of them is Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan for he warned that it would be more like a Jewish activity club.

Facts about Reform Judaism 7: the revelation

The Reform Judaism is not only focused with the revelation at Mount Sinai, but also in the continuous revelation for it is progressive.

Reform Judaism Image

Reform Judaism Image

Facts about Reform Judaism 8: the importance of individual

The individual has an important role in Reform Judaism for they may serve as the interpreter of Judaism. That is why this denomination is very different from the others.

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Facts about Reform Judaism 9: Reward and Punishment

Reward and Punishment concept is abolished. The soul will be anguished after the death as a form of retribution of the wicked people.

Reform Judaism Pic

Reform Judaism Pic

Facts about Reform Judaism 10: LGBT

The movement was the pioneer for tolerating the LGBT. In 1977, the Central Conference of American Rabbis declared that intercourse of consenting adults as legitimate act.

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