10 Facts about Reformation

Post On: February 13, 2017

Let me show you the historic information about a series of event during the English reformation on Facts about Reformation. It took place in England during the 16th century. The primary event of the reformation is related to the broken bond between the Church of England with the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. During the period, the practice of Christianity in Europe was heavily affected by the decision.

Facts about Reformation 1: the factors

There were various factors, which affected the process of English reformation. They include the printing press invention, transmission of new knowledge, the rise of common law, the rise of nationalism, decrease of feudalism, the improved circulation of Bible and many more.

Catherine aragon

Catherine aragon

Facts about Reformation 2: the phases of English reformation

English reformation comes in various phases. It also affected the Ireland and Wales. The public opinion and government policy affected the reformation.

Facts about Reformation 3: a political affair

The reformation in English Church was not driven by the theological dispute. However, it was mainly driven by the political affair because of the desire of Henry VIII to annul his marriage. In 1527, the king made his request to Pope Clement VII.

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Facts about Reformation

Facts about Reformation

Facts about Reformation 4:  the theological disputes

The theological disputes finally took place between the England and Rome. Due to the political difference, England separated itself from Rome

Facts about Reformation 5: the doctrine

The doctrine was determined by the general counsel of the Church and Pope.  The appointment of the bishops was at the hand of the Pope. The Rome also received the direct church taxes.

Facts about Reformation 6: the acts of Parliament

In 1532 and 1534, the parliament passed a series of acts to signify the broken bond between English Church and Rome. One of the notable acts was the Act of Supremacy in 1534, which stated that the Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England was at the hand of Henry.

Facts about Reformation 7: Edward VI

Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII who applied the Protestant view on the Church of England under Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

Reformation Facts

Reformation Facts

Facts about Reformation 8: the Church of England under Mary’s reign

The Church of England was controlled by the papal jurisdiction during the reign of Mary.

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Facts about Reformation 9: the Protestant faith

The Protestant faith then was reintroduced by Elizabeth when she became the queen of England.

Reformation Pic

Reformation Pic

Facts about Reformation 10: the last Roman Catholic monarch

James II was the last Roman Catholic Monarch of England. His reign ended due to the English Civil Wars.

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