10 Facts about Refraction

Post On: February 13, 2017

Facts about Refraction talk about the change of direction on the wave propagation because the transmission medium is altered. The conservation of momentum and conservation of energy are used to explain the refraction. The frequency is still constant even though the phase velocity of the wave is altered due to the medium change. Let us get other interesting facts about refraction below:

Facts about Refraction 1: the observation of refraction

When a wave passes a medium with the angle other than zero degree, the refraction is usually spotted.

Facts about Refraction

Facts about Refraction

Facts about Refraction 2: the most common type of refraction

The most common type of refraction is spotted on the refraction of light.

Facts about Refraction 3: the interaction with a medium

The refraction will always occur when a wave has a contact with a medium. This phenomenon occurs in any kinds of waves. It might occur on the sound wave too. The Snell’s law is used to describe the refraction. The frequency is still constant even though the wavelength is decreased or increased.

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Facts about Refraction 4: the light ray and glass

The refraction will take place when a light ray enters or leaves the glass. However, we should assume that the refractive index is changed.

Facts about Refraction 5: the direction and speed

The direction of a light ray, which travels on the normal, will not change. The change is seen on the speed. However, the refraction is still spotted.

Facts about Refraction 6: the importance of refraction concept

The concept of refraction is very important for it may lead into the invention and development of refracting telescope and lenses.

Facts about Refraction 7: the refractive index

Do you know the refractive index of air and water? The refractive index of water is around 1.3330. The air has the refractive index of 1.0003.

Refraction Image

Refraction Image

Facts about Refraction 8: the water

If you are interested to view the refraction, you look at a bowl of water. You may see that the object will appear bending at the surface of water when you place it slanted inside the water.

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Facts about Refraction 9: the shallow water

In the shallow water, the waves usually have slower speed of traveling.  The wave will bend at the boundary because the wavelength is reduced.

Refraction Facts

Refraction Facts

Facts about Refraction 10: the refractive index of glass

Compared to air, the higher refractive index is spotted on the glass materials.

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