10 Facts about Reggie Jackson

Post On: February 14, 2017

Facts about Reggie Jackson will inform the readers with the former American professional baseball right fielder. He was born on 18th May 1946. His full name is Reginald Martinez Jackson. He is known more as Reggie Jackson. He was one of the prominent players in the Major League Baseball. His clubs included California Angels, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City and New York Yankees. He had 21 seasons in MLB.

Facts about Reggie Jackson 1: The Hall of Fame

In 1993, his name inducted at the Hall of Fame of National Baseball.

facts about Reggie Jackson

facts about Reggie Jackson

Facts about Reggie Jackson 2: the nickname

Do you know the nickname of Jackson?  His fans called him as Mr. October. He earned the name because of his clutch hitting when he played for the Athletic and New York Yankees during the post season.

Facts about Reggie Jackson 3: the contributions

Jackson had amazing contribution to his baseball club. When he was in Oakland, he aided the club to reach three World Series titles, three American League pennants and five American League West divisional pennants.

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Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson

Facts about Reggie Jackson 4: the California Angels

When he was in the California Angels, he aided the club to become the winner for West divisional pennants.

Facts about Reggie Jackson 5: the record of Jackson

For fourteen seasons, he was called as the American League All Star. He also recorded 563 home runs during his career.

Facts about Reggie Jackson 6: the winning record

In 1977, Jackson obtained a Babe Ruth Award. In 1973, he had the AL Most Valuable Player Award. He also got two Silver Sligger Awards and two World Series MVP Awards.

Facts about Reggie Jackson 7: retirement

In 1993 and 2004, Jackson’s team uniform number was retired from the New York Yankees and Athletics. The current job of Jackson today is as the special advisor for New York Yankees.

Reggie Jackson 2009

Reggie Jackson 2009

Facts about Reggie Jackson 8: the birthplace of Jackson

The birthplace of Jackson was located in Wyncote, Cheltenham Township. His father was a tailor who had the Puerto Rican descent named Martinez Jackson. Clara was the name of his mother.

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Facts about Reggie Jackson 9: sport

Talking about his early life, Jackson had great skill in a number of sports such as track and field, baseball, basketball and football.

Reggie Jackson Facts

Reggie Jackson Facts

Facts about Reggie Jackson 10: the college period

Jackson chose the football scholarship offered by the Arizona State University even though many colleges tried to get him due to his amazing sporting skill.

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