10 Facts about Reggie Laurent

Post On: February 14, 2017

The following Facts about Reggie Laurent will deliver the information about a famous artist who focuses on the colorful abstract creation. This man loves vibrant paintings. He always applies the detailed designs and bright tones. When you see his works, the lines, patterns and designs seem dancing and moving. That is the unique characteristic of Laurent’s works. Let us find out other interesting facts about Reggie Laurent below:

Facts about Reggie Laurent 1: the multicolor paintings

The multicolor paintings of Laurent come in various options. Some of them are made in trapezoidal, triangular, square or even round shapes. Talking about the size, they can be in small, medium or big sizes.

Reggie Laurent Works

Reggie Laurent Works

Facts about Reggie Laurent 2: the media

Laurent also uses various media to create paintings. He paints on canvas, rolling pins and wooden bowls.

Facts about Reggie Laurent 3: the popular works of Laurent

Laurent’s works are very popular and famous for the objects that he creates seem glowing, unique and bright.

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Reggie Laurent Art

Reggie Laurent Art

Facts about Reggie Laurent 4: the place of living

Today, Laurent resides in Fairburn located 20 miles from Atlanta. Actually, he comes from Chicago.

Facts about Reggie Laurent 5: the interest of painting

Do you know that Laurent has started to paint since 1986?

Facts about Reggie Laurent 6: working acrylics

In an interview, he stated that he loves using acrylics to create painting. Liquitex is his favorite brand. Other tools that he uses are Liquitex varnish, mediums and tube paints. According to Laurent, working with acrylic paint is versatile. The drying time and cleaning are easy. Moreover, it has lack of odor.

Facts about Reggie Laurent 7: other tools

Besides working with acrylics, Laurent also works with other tools like pastels, charcoals, ink and pen.

Reggie Laurent

Reggie Laurent

Facts about Reggie Laurent 8: the formal education

The formal training that Laurent has is related to the cabinet making. Therefore, he can create art furniture.  The other types of art created by Laurent include the cocktail tables and pedestal tables.

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Facts about Reggie Laurent 9: a large canvas

Laurent likes to work with a large canvas where he can paint a colorful look using the bright tones. Moreover, he can put a lot of information on it. He always feels challenged when working with a very large canvas.

Facts about Reggie Laurent

Facts about Reggie Laurent

Facts about Reggie Laurent 10: the process

It takes many years for Laurent to evolve his art process. Eventually, he is capable for having a unique and signature art.

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