10 Facts about Regina

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Facts about Regina will present the information about a capital city in Saskatchewan, Canada. In the province, Regina is the second largest city. The first largest one is Saskatoon. For the people who live in southern Saskatchewan, Regina is considered as the commercial and cultural center. Regina City Council governs the capital city. The Rural Municipality of Sherwood is located around Regina. Let us check other interesting facts about Regina below:

Facts about Regina 1: Wascana Centre

One of popular places to visit in Regina is Wascana Centre where it serves as the primary attraction in Wascana Lake.

Facts about Regina

Facts about Regina

Facts about Regina 2: the buildings in Wascana Centre

Wascana Centre is often visited by the people for many buildings are located here. They include the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Provincial Legislative Building and the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Facts about Regina 3: the south of downtown

The south of downtown features the Crescents and Lakeview. The old warehouse district is located at the north of central business district.

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Regina Map

Regina Map

Facts about Regina 4: the destruction of Regina

Most of the town was damaged due to the presence of Regina Cyclone in 1912. The attention of the people was also on the town due to the Regina Riot in 1930. The economy was also affected due to the drought and Great Depression. The farming was interrupted because the Canadian Prairies were affected by drought.

Facts about Regina 5: the economic growth

The economy of Regina enters a period where it improves due to the mineral and agricultural resources.

Facts about Regina 6: the population

According to the Statistics Canada, Regina was occupied by 237,800 people as of 1st July 2014.

Facts about Regina 7: the geographical features

Regina sits at the waterless plain. It is treeless, flat and broad. However, the city now has many greenspace and parks.  The people planted at least 300,000 trees and shrubs.

Regina Facts

Regina Facts

Facts about Regina 8: the dominant species in the urban forest

Do you know the dominant species in the urban forest of Regina? It is the American elms where you can find them along the boulevards and residential neighborhoods.

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Facts about Regina 9: climate

The climate of Regina is dry continental. In June to August, it has the heaviest precipitation.

Regina City Hall

Regina City Hall

Facts about Regina 10:  the crime rate

In 2011 until 2012, the crime rate of Regina was decreased up to 10 percent.

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