10 Facts about Registered Nurse

Post On: February 14, 2017

Facts about Registered Nurse will elaborate the ideas about nurse graduated from the nursing program and earned the nursing license from the province, state, country or other bodies. The professional body or council will regulate the practice of registered nurse. Most of them have a specialization even though they can be found in various professional settings. Let me show you more interesting facts about registered nurse by reading the following post below:

Facts about Registered Nurse 1: the supervising care

The other healthcare workers might be supervised by the registered nurses. The workers include the unlicensed assistive personnel, licensed practical nurses, student nurses, less experienced registered nurses, and others.

Facts about Registered Nurse

Facts about Registered Nurse

Facts about Registered Nurse 2: how to maintain the license

The license of a registered nurse can be maintained by continuing their educations or even have a minimum practice hours.  Moreover, the registered nurse should not get involved with series convictions.

Facts about Registered Nurse 3: the beginning of registered nurse

In the beginning of 20th century, the nursing councils started to have registered nurse.

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Registered Nurse Facts

Registered Nurse Facts

Facts about Registered Nurse 4: registered nurse in New Zealand

In 1901, the nurses were registered for the first time in New Zealand after the Nurse Registration Act was established.

Facts about Registered Nurse 5: the training

The training for a nurse usually lasts for three years. Then the nurse has to pass the examination administered by the state.

Facts about Registered Nurse 6: the purpose of the registration

What is the objective of having registration for a nurse? It is used to maintain the consistency of new nurses in term of their education. The law protects the title of registered nurse.

Facts about Registered Nurse 7: registered nurse in California

The nurse who claimed to be a registered nurse without having a registration certificate performed a misdemeanor in California after 1905.

Registered Nurse Pic

Registered Nurse Pic

Facts about Registered Nurse 8: the requirements

The requirements to become registered nurse are varied depending on the states, countries and provinces. One thing for sure, the applicant should have the good morality. Moreover, they should have good physical and mental health so that the nursing practice can be conducted well.

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Facts about Registered Nurse 9: an international profession

Registered nurse is not only a national profession. Now it is considered as the international profession. They may travel to other countries. That is why; language test is needed here.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Facts about Registered Nurse 10: registered nurse in Australia

Australia also has their registered nurse. Since 2010, the country has tried to register the nurses nationally.

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