10 Facts about Reichstag Fire

Post On: February 15, 2017

The arson attack, which took place on February 27, 1933, is informed on Facts about Reichstag Fire. The arson is called Reichstag Fire for it occurred in Berlin at Reichstag building. It was German parliament. Marinus van der Lubbe was caught at the fire scene. He was a young Dutch council communist according to the statement of NAZI. Therefore, NAZI arrested Lubbe. Actually, he just came to Germany. He was a jobless bricklayer. Let us find out other useful facts about Reichstag Fire below:

Facts about Reichstag Fire 1: the statement from NAZI

NAZI announced the statement that Lubbe had confessed that he started the fire on the building. During the trial, he had a death sentence.

Facts about Reichstag Fire

Facts about Reichstag Fire

Facts about Reichstag Fire 2: communism

Nazi party believed that communists were against the government of Germany by using the evidence of Reichstag Fire. The establishment of Nazi Germany was associated with the event.

Facts about Reichstag Fire 3: what was Reichstag building?

The assembly for German Parliament was situated in Reichstag building. It was eaten by the fire.

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Reichstag Fire

Reichstag Fire

Facts about Reichstag Fire 4: an alarm call

The alarm call took place at 00:59. The Reichstag building was on fire. The information was obtained from the Berlin fire station.

Facts about Reichstag Fire 5: the arrival of the firefighters and police

The primary Chamber of Deputies of Reichstag building was caught by flames of fire by the time the firefighters and police came to the location. Van der Lubbe was found inside the building when a comprehensive search was performed by the police.

Facts about Reichstag Fire 6: the arrest

Van der Lubbe was arrested because he was in the crime scene. Soon after his arrest, other four communist leaders were also captured by the NAZI.

Facts about Reichstag Fire 7: the Communist Party of Germany

The Communist Party of Germany was confronted due to the fire incident on Reichstag building. President Paul von Hindenburg was urged by Hitler who had become the Chancellor of Germany to pursue the communist party by passing a decree.

Reichstag Fire Pic

Reichstag Fire Pic

Facts about Reichstag Fire 8: the mass arrests

The mass arrests occurred after the decree was passed. The parliamentary delegates of Communist party and the common communist were arrested too.

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Facts about Reichstag Fire 9: the power of Hitler

Hitler’s power became stronger because to his party was the major one after his communist rivals left their position in the parliamentary.

Reichstag Fire Facts

Reichstag Fire Facts

Facts about Reichstag Fire 10: the “Reichstag Fire Trial”

The “Reichstag Fire Trial” was conducted in February 1933 where three men played important roles. They were Blagoi Popov, Vasil Tanev and Georgi Dimitrov. All of them were Bulgarians.

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