10 Facts about Reims

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Facts about Reims elaborate the ideas about the city located at Grand Est region in France.  It was the home for 182,592 people according to the census in 2013. They lived at the commune or proper of Reims. The aire urbaine or metropolitan area of Reims was inhabited by 317,611 people. The Gauls established Reims. During the Roman Empire, it earned the status a major city.   The city also has an important value in the French history. Crowning the kings of France was conducted in Reims.

Facts about Reims 1: the Cathedral of Reims

One of the important buildings in the city is Cathedral of Reims where it contains Saint Chreme.  During the baptism of Clovis, which took place in 496, the Holy spirit in the form of a white dove bought the Saint Chreme or chrism. The building has been renovated after it was destroyed by Germany in World War 1.

Reims Facts

Reims Facts

Facts about Reims 2: the importance of Saint Chreme

Saint Chreme is important for France for it has been used during the coronation ceremony of the kings and for anointing.

Facts about Reims 3: the squares

If you are visiting Reims, do not forget to check the squares where they contain various impressive buildings and structures. You will spot an equestrian status of Joan of Arc, a statue of Louis XV, Place of Cardinal-Lucon, and Place Royale.

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Reims Image

Reims Image

Facts about Reims 4: the major commercial street

The major commercial street in Reims is located at Rue de Vesle. When you are in the city center, you may come to Place Drouet d’Erlon where it contains bars and restaurants.

Facts about Reims 5: the oldest monument

The Porte de Mars takes the record as the oldest monument in Reims. It has the height of 43 inches and length of 108 feet.

Facts about Reims 6: the fame of Reims

Reims is famous among the tourists due to the presence of the cathedral. It is called Notre-Dame de Reims.

Facts about Reims 7: World Heritage Site

Reims contains some buildings or structures included in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. They include Palace of Tau, Abbey of Saint-Remi and Notre-Dame de Reims.

Reims Pic

Reims Pic

Facts about Reims 8: Palace of Tau

Palace of Tau was constructed in 1498 until 1509. In 1675, it was rebuilt. The kings of France stayed in the palace on their coronation.

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Facts about Reims 9: the stone chimney

The stone chimney is found at the salon of the palace. It was constructed in 15th century.

Facts about Reims

Facts about Reims

Facts about Reims 10: visiting the palace

In 1972, the public had the opportunity to come to place where it became a museum.

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