10 Facts about Rejection

Post On: February 17, 2017
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Facts about Rejection present the interesting information about an exclusion of an individual from the social interaction and social relationship. The topics of rejections include the familial estrangement, romantic rejection, peer rejection and interpersonal rejection. The rejection might be conducted by an individual person or a group of people. Let us check facts about rejection by reading the following post below:

Facts about Rejection 1: the types of rejection

Rejection may take two major forms of passive and active action. The passive one means that the person performs silent treatment or simply by ignoring the recipient. On the other hand, the active rejection is performed by ridiculing, teasing or even bullying the recipient.

Rejection Facts

Rejection Facts

Facts about Rejection 2: the experience

The feeling of being rejected is subjective depending on the recipient. The level of rejection is considered as a part of the people’s life even though they are social beings.

Facts about Rejection 3: rejection as a problem

Even though we cannot avoid rejection, it is a part of our life. However, it may occur into a problem when the recipient is very sensitive and the rejection occurs for a very long time. The consistent and prolonged rejection will lower the self-esteem of the recipient.

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Rejection Pic

Rejection Pic

Facts about Rejection 4: the social isolation

The social isolation occurs when a rejection is conducted by a group of people.

Facts about Rejection 5: the adverse psychological consequences

The aggression, loneliness, depression and low self-esteem are some psychological consequences experienced because of rejection.

Facts about Rejection 6: the other consequences

The improved sensitivity toward rejection and the feeling of insecurity are the other consequences of rejection.

Facts about Rejection 7: the painful experience

The human being has the social nature to interact with other people. That is why; being rejected is considered as a painful experience for the recipient.



Facts about Rejection 8: the human motivation

The human motivation is fundamentally affected by the need for belongingness and love. To make the human being psychologically healthy, they have to receive and give affections even though they are introvert.

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Facts about Rejection 9: how to fulfill the need

The need to love and to be loved will be fulfilled by having interpersonal caring relationship. The simple social interaction or contact is not needed for them.

Facts about Rejection

Facts about Rejection

Facts about Rejection 10: the importance of relationship

The feeling of being rejected will be alleviated when a person has a satisfying interaction and stable relationship. The people may feel sad and lonely when they do not have both.

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