10 Facts about Rembrandt

Post On: February 19, 2017

Let me show you the information about the Dutch painter, draughtsman and printmaker on Facts about Rembrandt. The birth date of Rembrandt was on July 15, 1606. He died on October 4th, 1669. His full name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. During his life, he earned the status as one of the greatest visual artists in the history due to his skills and abilities in three media. Various subjects and styles had been depicted by Rembrandt in his works. Therefore, he earned different status from the other Dutch masters in 17th century.

Facts about Rembrandt 1: the various works of Rembrandt

Rembrandt’s works were ranged in various subjects and styles such as genre scene, landscape, self-portraits, portraits, historical scenes, allegorical scenes, animal studies, mythological themes and biblical scenes.

Rembrandt Image

Rembrandt Image

Facts about Rembrandt 2: the Dutch Golden Age

Rembrandt lived during the Dutch Golden Age. The period was characterized with the cultural achievement and great wealth.

Facts about Rembrandt 3: living in the Netherlands

The works of Rembrandt were influenced by the works of Pieter Lastman, Peter Paul Rubens and Utrecht Caravaggists. He never studied art or painting in other countries.

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Rembrandt Pic

Rembrandt Pic

Facts about Rembrandt 4: the youth

During his youth, Rembrandt earned a great deal of success. He was recognized as a notable portrait painter. However, he had to deal with the financial hardship and personal tragedy in the later years.

Facts about Rembrandt 5: the reputation

Even though Rembrandt had to deal with problems in the later years, he still earned high reputation as a painter. A number of major Dutch painters were taught by Rembrandt.

Facts about Rembrandt 6: the self-portraits

The self-portraits of Rembrandt featured the intimate and unique biography. Actually, he also created the portraits of his contemporaries and created illustrations from the Bible.

Facts about Rembrandt 7: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Rembrandt was located in Leiden, Dutch Republic. His parents were Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuijtbrouck and Harmen Gerritszoon van Rijn. He was the ninth kid in the family.



Facts about Rembrandt 8: education

For his early education, he was enrolled at a Latin School. Then he we went to University of Leiden.

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Facts about Rembrandt 9: a studio

In 1624 or 1625, Rembrandt had his studio along with Jan Lievens.

Facts about Rembrandt

Facts about Rembrandt

Facts about Rembrandt 10: the early years in Amsterdam

The works that he created during his early years in Amsterdam include the illustration of mythological and biblical scenes. He created the art in the large format and high contrast.

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