10 Facts about Removable Storage

Post On: February 20, 2017

Facts about Removable Storage inform the readers about the USB flash drive.  It is also called using different names such as flask-disk, jump drive, pen drive, thumb drive, USB memory, memory stick, USB stick and USB drive. The flash memory is incorporated with USB interface. It is functioned as a data storage device. The removable storage has an important status due to its rewritable and removable features. Compared to an optical disc, it has smaller physical size. The weight of most removable storage is less than 1.1 oz or 30 grams. Let us check other interesting facts about removable storage.

Facts about Removable Storage 1: the first appearance

In the end 2000s, removable storage appeared for the first time in the market. Over the years, the price of removable storage is dropped significantly. However, the storage capacity is increased.

Removable Storage Facts

Removable Storage Facts

Facts about Removable Storage 2: the frequent capacities

The frequent capacities of flask drives sold in the market are around 8 to 256 GB as of March 2016. The less frequent capacities are sold between 512 GB to one TB.

Facts about Removable Storage 3: the plan for improved capacities

There is a plan to improve the storage capacity of removable storage to reach two TB.

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Removable Storage Image

Removable Storage Image

Facts about Removable Storage 4: the uses of removable storage

The removable storage has the similar functions with the CDs and floppy disks. It is used to transfer computer files, backup data and store files.

Facts about Removable Storage 5: the benefits of having removable storage

The removable storage is more preferable than the floppy disks or even CDs for it is faster and smaller. Moreover, the capacity to store the files is bigger.

Facts about Removable Storage 6: the durability

Removable storage has impressive durability and reliability for there is no moving parts.

Facts about Removable Storage 7: the positive features

The removable storage will not be harmed by the surface scratches and the electromagnetic interference.

Removable Storage

Removable Storage

Facts about Removable Storage 8: the removable cap

The removable cap is mostly equipped on the USB flask drive. It is used to protect the USB connector.

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Facts about Removable Storage 9: the first product of flask drives

In 2000, the first commercial products of flask drives were spotted in the market sold by Trek Technology and IBM.

facts about Removable Storage

facts about Removable Storage

Facts about Removable Storage 10: the product name

IBM had “DiskOnKey” for their flask drive sold in North America. On the other hand, the name “ThumbDrive” was used to market the flask drive by Trek Technology.

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