10 Facts about Renaissance Architecture

Post On: February 20, 2017

Facts about Renaissance Architecture tell the readers about the architecture built between 1400s and 1700. It spread not only in Italy, but also in other countries in Europe.  The architecture still used the elements found in ancient Roman and Ancient Greek era. The Baroque architecture preceded the Renaissance architecture. On the other hand, the Gothic architecture followed the Renaissance period. Let us get other interesting facts about Renaissance architecture below:

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 1: the first development of Renaissance architecture

Florence was the center of the first development of Renaissance architecture. The major innovator in the field of architecture during the era was Filippo Brunelleschi.

Facts about Renaissance Architecture

Facts about Renaissance Architecture

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 2: the popularity

Renaissance as a cultural and artistic movement was popular. That is why it spread to other cities in Italy and Europe.

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 3: the impact

The impact of Renaissance was spotted to other countries in Europe such as Russia, England, Germany and France.

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Renaissance Architecture Facts

Renaissance Architecture Facts

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 4: the important features of Renaissance

Renaissance architecture was characterized geometry, proportion, and symmetry. All of them were also found in ancient Roman architecture and classical antiquity architecture.

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 5: the other features

The other feature that you can find in Renaissance architecture includes the order arrangement on the lintels, hemispherical domes, pilasters, semicircular arches, and columns.

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 6: the Italian architects

The clearly defined forms were also preferable for the Italian architects, which could be seen in Pisa Cathedral and Florence Baptistery.

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 7: Gothic style of architecture

Gothic style of architecture was never completely adopted by the Italian architects. French Rayonnant Gothic influenced the architecture of Cathedral of Milan. Some churches in Italy featured the elaborate tracery, clustered shafts and complicated ribbed vaulting.

Renaissance Architecture

Renaissance Architecture

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 8: the importance of architecture

Architecture was included in a theoretical discussion and practice during the Renaissance era. In 1450, Leon Battista Alberti created De re aedificatoria which marked the first treatise of architecture.  In 1485, it received the status as the first printed book of architecture.

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Facts about Renaissance Architecture 9: another text of architecture

Another significant text about architecture was produced by Sebastiano Serlio. The title was Regole generali d’architettura. The I quattro libri dell’architettura was published by Andrea Palladio in Venice in 1570.

Renaissance Architecture Image

Renaissance Architecture Image

Facts about Renaissance Architecture 10: Basilica di San Lorenzo

Filippo Brunelleschi created the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, which focused on the usage of proportional logic when creating the geometry of the building.

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